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Liverfool Fans, 'The worst in all of Europe'

Guest Brian M

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Guest Brian M


Finally, the myth that the Liverfool fans are the 'best fans' has been shown up for what it is: a myth. And worse, and ironic myth. They're a bunch of f*ck-heads, and I for one am glad the truth is finally coming out!

This report was compiled by 'A neutral force of undercover police OVER THE LAST FOUR YEARS'.

In 1985 we all knew the truth. And 20 odd years later nothing has changed.

'Liverpool fans are the worst in Europe'

LONDON, June 3 (Reuters) - Liverpool supporters have been identified as the worst behaved at European matches in a report to be handed by UEFA to the British Government in Brussels on Tuesday.

The report, which has been compiled by undercover police agents from a neutral European force over the last four years, will be given by UEFA president Michel Platini to British sports minister Richard Caborn.

UEFA spokesman William Gaillard told Reuters: 'The incidents involving Liverpool fans have been well known to us before the trouble at the Champions League final which involved Liverpool fans last week.

'That was just the latest example. What other set of fans steal tickets from their fellow supporters or out of the hands of children? We know what happened in Athens, and Liverpool fans were the cause of most of the trouble there.

'There have been 25 incidents involving Liverpool fans away from home since 2003 and these are in the report -- most teams' supporters do not cause any trouble at all.'

Problems occurred at the Champions League final when fans with forged tickets and even without any ticket gained entry to the Olympic Stadium for the match against AC Milan, while dozens of fans with genuine tickets were refused entry.

When Liverpool fans did try to gain entry the situation threatened to escalate out of control and the Greek police fired tear gas and used batons.

Liverpool have submitted their own report to UEFA which criticises the security arrangements for the final.

Gaillard added: 'You must ask yourself why at the same match, with the same conditions, there was no trouble with the Milan fans - only the Liverpool fans.'

Liverpool fans were held responsible for the disaster at the 1985 European Cup final at the Heysel Stadium in Brussels when 39 mainly Italian fans died after a wall collapsed following a charge by Liverpool fans before the match against Juventus.

The tragedy led to English clubs being banned from European competition for five years.

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Some Liverpool fans I know on some other forum are still denying all of this.

I pity them really icon_lol.gif

Just send them the vids and the pictures from after the Champions League final. If that's not proof enough then I don't know what is icon_rolleyes.gif

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I showed them the clips, but they still came up with excuses.

The naivety of some people is just shocking.

Well they're Liverpool-supporters so what can you do.

Scousers are so thickheaded that there's no room for a brain icon_rolleyes.gif

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WHY DON'T THEY JUST BAN 'EM icon_twisted.gif

that would be great, but then we would have to sit and listen to the twits on Sky and the BBC and all other liverpool biased media about how unfair this is to a team with such great history


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I'm personally fed up to the back teeth with Liverpool's great (yawn) history.

A history which is used to excuse some of their fans behaviour.

A history which is used to explain why they should win the CL every year and Chelsea don't deserve to touch the hem of their robes.

A history which is used to explain why Chelsea must never aspire to anything great because they don't have any HISTORY.

And apparently without any history you are now allowed to win things ever. Or for that matter aspire to develop some history of your own.

Serves them right and it amuses me to see Parry, Gerrard and the rest trying to explain their way out of it. I've had just about as much history rammed down my throat from Liverpool fans as I can take.

If this had been about Chelsea there would have been uproar in the press and Jose and the entire team and board would have been flayed alive with criticism.

With Liverpool it's all tea and sympathy and it's all UEFA's fault.

Well Liverpool's history has counted for nothing this year, they've won nothing and would have needed a telescope to see Chelsea in the title race.

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we won all domestic trophies and a european trophy long before LFC, but when talking about history you're only really supposed to talk about 1975-1990, for christ sake dont mention the 75-100 years of football before that or the best part of 20yrs of football since because they dont count.

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Guest Brian M
I'm personally fed up to the back teeth with Liverpool's great (yawn) history.

The more I read from this gal, the more I like her! Plus if she looks like this...


...then I like her a WHOLE LOT! 139.gif

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Guest Brian M
What Callista Flockhart misses in terms of body mass index Brian M more than makes up for in 1980s hair extensions.

And you've no idea how expensive hair extensions for your chest can be!!! icon_lol.gif


Any way stop dreaming

Stop dreaming? NEVER! For without them are we not left with the naked reality of our Sisyphean existence?

Camus believed that true nobility manifests in that moment when, halfway up the great mountain, Sisyphus realized the utter futility of his actions...but continued the relentless act of pushing the boulder, undeterred.

I however, prefer to remain in that offtimes happy state of detachment that comes from dreaming that one day Ms. Diaz will return my call. Zlatan will sign for Chelsea. And Spielberg will happen to be 'in the neighbourhood' and stop by for a pot of Earl Grey tea and a chat...

In the cold, dark winter of the soul, such dreams give succour against the dying of the light.

At least, they are mistresses to me.

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You're right Brian to keep on dreaming.

Chelsea wise I often dream that:

Liverpool get kicked out of a CL semi final by Chelsea on penalties next season - Gerrard to miss the vital spot kick.

That Liverpool and Man Utd fans stop banging on about their history in comparison to Chelsea every five minutes as if you should be ashamed to be on the same pitch as them.

That Robben lasts a whole season injury free.

That Sheva becomes a goal machine.

That Ronaldo and Rooney both get kidnapped by aliens for a while - Rooney of course will be returned pretty quick because they couldn't take the bad language.

That we get the premiership and CL next year playing great football, the press have to eat their words and they give Jose a knighthood.

That Jose manages to last another year at the club on his own terms.

I guess the last one is really pushing it.

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