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Rape at United Christmas Party


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According to the Sun there was rape and roastings going on...

If any of this is true then its a f*cking disgrace and the FA must act.

And yes...I would say the same if it was our guys.

Surely the FA can only get involved if it's pitch related 317.gif

Where does their juristiction stop and the police's begin? A rape in a party at a hotel has nothing to do with the FA does it?

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Nope...otherwise they would not have tonked us over the Cashley Cole affair. That was nowhere near a pitch.

I think officially we apply every year to be 'registered' with the league and thus agree to abide by its rules and terms of conduct...etc etc.

I think a clubs players raping and being involved in all this furore counts as 'bringing the game into disrepute'. nono.gif

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I think it is different when it is a criminal case that happens off the pitch (which the Ashley Cole situation wasn't)

The Lee Hughes incident being a case in point - he did prison time but has not, as far as I know, been awarded any suspension by the FA. On the flip side Duncan Ferguson did prison time and received a suspension however his offence was on the pitch.

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ugh this is so vile! She's proud to have done 5 guys, drunken guys, who cheered her on like an animal. Maybe the FA could get involved because a player or players were acting in an unorderly manner. Kids look up to these players and i don't think the message to them should be "go ahead, get drunk, rape teenage girls." nono.gif

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