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Shame if he's injured. Real shame. The minute he gets a chance to play with midfielders such as Ballack, who actually knows how to create plays and make passes to our forwards, and to play without Drogba, who is a one-person-player, and the minute he starts showing what kind of a player he really is - this happens. Sh*t!

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He showed what he can do against Villa the other day. He has one of the best strikes in the world, still. He just needs someone that can create space for him. Our wingers certainly wont do it as we have seen. He is as leathal as Lamps with his right foot, but he doesn't fit our formation.

It is really bad for him to pick up an injury now as his confidence is probably highest with us to this date. Hope he is back soon...to be paired up with Anelka or some other good striker we are going to buy.

If we are to change formation to 4-4-2 with supporting wingers Sheva just might prove to be the missing link to glory (CL, EPL?). Otherwise he is useless with us.

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How ironic that Jose Mourinho is rumored to be taking over at Milan (with Drogba possibly joining him). I think you can throw those Sheva to Milan rumors out the window. Or, looking at it from a different perspective, a lot of us will be having to eat some sort of pie if Jose signs him for Milan !



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I wonder how much playing time Sheva will get if Berbatov and Anelka sign.

Let's not even discuss Pizarro.

I am disappointed. I had hoped that the ACN would give Shevchenko and Pizarro to show what they are capable of. If Berbatov and Anelka come, there will definitely be no place for Sheva -


Rumours spread that Avram Grant doesn't control Chelsea FC. It's controlled by Roman Abramovich.

I don't think we need Anelka.

Berbatov though, could really open up play for us.

You notice when he plays for Tottenham, he is frustrated when he is fouled and doesn't get the free kick, or when his teammates' passes go awry.

And anyway, Berbatov and Keane are right now the most feared partnership in the EPL.

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