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Quite often the reports are exaggerated and I've read an article that compared Roman's private jet with Air Force One. I'm sure it's well equipped to say the least, but as well equipped as Air Force One? A bit over the top, perhaps? 317.gif

i bet you its just as good, i dont think the US Government is willing to pay as much for GW Bush as Roman is willing to pay for himself

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This is sick....

Floor 9: helicopter pad and garage enabling to store 2 helicopters in a closed area. Helicopter elevators also installed.

Floor 8: Sundeck, swimming pool, bar

Floor 7: The pool trunk/atrium, the pilothouse forward and an open deck area aft that can be used asa an open-air disco, an observation lounge, or a casual dining area for guests

Floor 6: Saloon (front), main dining room (aft). Between the dining area and saloon is the loggia, 40 by 60 feet and open to either side but sheltered from weather by the two decks above.

Floor 5: Owner’s suite (5,000 sq. feet) with a private garden area (foredeck) spanning Decks 4 and 5. Six VIP suites with private balconies.

Floor 4: Six guestrooms just aft of the main entry foyer.

Floor 3: Theater and exhibition room.

Floor 2: Docking port for the specially designed 12-person submarine.

Floor 1: Engine room and machinery space.


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Ach, it would be no use for hauling creels! Plus, put it out in any form of decent swell, and the helicopter would be thrown off the bow!

of course, having grown up working fishing boats, this is said with pure sarcasm and in the tone of an "old fisherman" who finds fault in any boat that can't "haul creels" or "face bad weather"


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