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There's only 1 Makalele.


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Although i agreed with the man of the match award at Everton last night going to Riccy who was once again outstanding, i'd just like to give some praise to Maka the skipper for the night.

I know he's getting on a bit now but i'd definately give him another couple of years at the club if he's happy to become more of a squad player. We could use him sparringly when needed and his positioning is so good that he does'nt do too much chasing in a game anyway.

I mean Claude is so good at playing the holding role that they named it after him. He was so cool last night that he played the entire game while listening to his ipod icon_lol.gif

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I tried to find Fergie's comment about not knowing who Makelele is, but that he's heard about his brother Ukulele...or something along those lines. Well anyway, didn't find that one, but this "piece of news" was on top of the list when I googled it:

http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/sp ... 203424.ece


I've heard that as well icon_lol.gif

Saw a quote from JT a while back and he said it was huge icon_lol.gif

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everybody says makelele role, so what role did roy keane play or viera play...pls don't tell me they use to come forward so they can't be called that role..it's bcos they had more talents or feature to come forward.

They had the same position (sortof anyway) but Maka has been the best at it for many, many years. He's been so darn good at it that his name has been given to that position. Or rather it has been given to the kind of work he does. I think there's a few different kinds of defensive midfielder. Some go forward and even scores goals. Some can set up plays. Maka is a master at defence. Nobody does it better than him.

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