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Credit to the traveling faithful

Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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They have been heard loud and clear all evening, even if the commentators refuse to mention it.

I guess singing is more interesting than watching the game, so why not rattle through a few classics??

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As always the away support was fantastic!

Well done to the boys! clap2.gif

Couldn't make it tonight regardless of the free train,the whole switching of this fixture was a farce and made impossible for me to travel up!!

Got my un-used ticket next to me,I got my money back but its gone to waste!

Well done to the club for looking after the supporters tonight (did I really just say that?) they done us proud! clap2.gif

By the way that train gets back into Paddington (of all places) at 5 in the morning,so spare a thought for our support while you are getting into your warm bed tonight! clap2.gif

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