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The only winners!!


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I'm off in an hour and a half or so to catch opening time (10AM) at the Princess of Wales on Villiers St over at Embankment.

We're making an early start because......we're worth it icon_wink.gif .

Just one more result would make me so happy,whatever happens in Wigan.

Very proud of the team this year,always proud to be Chelsea!!

We are the only winners this year!!!


Whatever happens today.....

.....try and enjoy it,because a while ago we could only dream of this end to our season.

Come on you blues!!!

Were going to Moscow!!

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Indeed Glory. It seems like a nice day outside, perfect weather for a Mangers over ice 431.gif

Whatever happens in the next two games I'll be happy with our season, I never expected anything like this when Jose was sacked.

Carefree ::Scalf::

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After Jose left did any of you expect this type of end ot the season ???? nono.gif I most certainly did not.

Still we can get them back 1 on 1 in the final which I think will give us bigger bragging rights then the EPL title. Cannot wait to see that red knosed w**ker crying after drogba puts one past his team in extra time again hahahahah

GO ON DROG ::Scalf::


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Well we didnt win the title today, but I congratulate Man U on their win.

Now, lets look forward to Moscow!

We're going to Moscow, We're going to Moscow, F*ck your history, We're going to Moscow!!!

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Yes , we did well to push United all the way but i feel we threw it away . Man U have won the premiership because we let them , not because they are a better side than us , its because they take opportunities when its matters , we dont . I might come across as a bad loser , im not , im annoyed that we threw away a premiership that we were well capable of winning because we give other teams an opportunity to get results when we should be putting these games beyond them. We need to stop this open door policy and begin to get get rid of the fear factor of pushing for more goals.

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The Premiership ended with Manure successfully defending their title. ( BUT NO KUDOS TO THEM AS CURBISHLEY & WHELAN DID THAT LAST MINUTE FAVORS)

Like all blue fans, I truly salute the last stretch of games that Chelsea gave its all, and then when exhausted, gave it all over again. The Blues giants all deserve a big applause for the way we took the fight to the wire.

Of course, we could lament the 'misses" - like the two 4-4 draws and the 1-1 draw with Wigan at home. Or Mourinho's disruptive departure.

United have the benefit of a Gaffer who is there for over a decade, culminating in a treble year in 1999.

They have been there, done that. So it is no shame that we lost the title. ( But we are still a better team technically than Manure, i propose).

I would not look back into history again. But what's going to happen in the next 3 months will be very speculative and just as interesting.

I would postulate ( no, i mean project) the following plausible development in the weeks to come,

1. We celebrate our first European Crown next week in Moscow. If that happens, Grant will stay as the Gaffer.

2. I do not see any suitable replacement for Grant at the moment even if he leaves. Anyone in mind? I mean...

anyone with championship calibre like Mourinho? Not at the moment.. None in Italy, none in Spain and none in England.

3. Transfer rumour mill will always be rife, but i do believe that Lamps/Drogs will be staying.. at least to win their Premiership crown back. Lamps will be a true blue forever. Ballacks' career is saved. Those on the lines are -

Pizarro, SWP, Sidwell, Ben T'aim, Sheva, Malouda ( I think he stays because he has improved),

Good old Maka to semi-retire as player-coach. Ben Sahar & Sinclair may be restored to 1st team bench permanents.

4. Who's coming? Your list is as good as mine... Ramos (if he is convinced) or Daniel Alves.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Deco.

Here's my shopping list ( not meaning that we should sign all !)

Pepe (Real Madrid)

Yaya Toure (Barcelona)

Luis Fabiano (Sevilla)

Daniel Alves (Sevilla)

Enzo Maresca (sevilla)

Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Inter)

Karim Benzema (Lyon)

Klaas-Jen Huntelaar (Ajax)

Alexander Frei( Dortmund)

Frank Ribery (Munich)

Luca Toni (Munch)

Klose (Munich)

Andrei Voronin (Liverpool)

The problematic right-back did not look too like a problem for me this season. Even though Essien deputise at times, Ferreira is a decent 2nd choice while Belletti gets caught moving forward, much like during Glen Johnson's days.

Sergei Ramos would be great but I doubt he will come.

on the other hand, I think we can never complain of firepower. manu won because they had 2 prolific scorers - Rooney & Ronaldo. Add Saha, Scholes (who can play attacking role) , Giggs and now the Owen interest, you can see it is firepower that wins contest.

Drogba has been too lonely, with Sheva not up to the mark and Anelka having time to truly settle down.

Pizarro is a fringe player (like i maintain at the start of the season), so we need to buy at least 1 if we have Sinclair promoted. I would pick Luca Toni/Luis Fabiano or Benzema.

Finally, i would like to thank all blues fans for an exciting forum this season. It has been truly an exhilarating ride.

For me, i have apologised- wanting Grant to leave and then changing my mind after winning Ferguson, Benitez and Wenger. Hopefully, we win over Ferguson again. ( I have 200 quids for Chelsea to win). It has been roller-coaster for me too. I now think that Grant should stay after all. He has won over the players and that can only be good. A tripartite relationship of Grant-Clarke-Cates may be a stabiliser because Roman dislike absolute dominance by a single charisma ( a.k.a. Mourinho)

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I have been banned in the past (mjs020294), not sure why, being a Manc I think.

Anyway, I just wanted to thank Chelsea for pushing United all the way and making it a very exciting and nail-biting end to the season. I sympathize with Chelsea fans, losing always sucks, and missing out after such a great effort is a bitter pill to swallow. Having lived in Liverpool's shadow for a couple of decades, I have experienced the bad times and know what it feels like.

Good luck in Moscow, and lets do it all again next season...hopefully with the same outcome. ball.gif

BTW - great to hear Terry's arm is OK, and he will be fit next week. He is my favorite none-ManU player and it would be a shame if he missed out on such a huge game.

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I disagree on us throwing the title away instead of MU winning it. They were the best overall side this season in the league and the most consistent, it's really a testament to our team's strength of character that we were the only ones to fight them till the bitter end.

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Does anyone else think that Red Nose's goal celebrations are the gayest of any manager in the League??

Yep. Looks like an old person trying to dance at a wedding. Embarassing and cringe-worthy.

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