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has been mouthing off again Link:

I can't say that we will miss the England team (at Euro 2008)
The aim is not to win titles, but to pay back debts. Look at Chelsea and Manchester United's debt problems. Fifa and Uefa have to fight against that, because today the ones who cheat are going on to win.

It's about time this slimy hypocrite was reminded of his own not exactly whiter than white past:

French Soccer Official Jailed For Illegal Slush-Fund Payments

LYON, France _ The former president of a first-division soccer team was sentenced to 18 months in jail for setting up a fund used for under-the-table payments to officials and players.

Roger Rocher, 70, and seven other directors of AS Saint-Etienne were convicted of establishing a $2.5-million slush fund between 1978 and 1982.

Only Rocher was sentenced to jail. The other directors received suspended sentences and fines, and the 11 players charged with accepting under-the-table payments also were fined.

Michel Platini, a former European player of the year and now coach of France's national team, was one of the players involved. He was fined $54,000.

The same story at the BBC:

France's fallen giant

My questions for Platini:

1. Why the f*** weren't you banged up as well you cheating thieving slimeball?

2. How does a cheating thieving slimeball like you get to be President of Uefa?

3. How the f*** can you take anything Uefa says seriously when there's a cheating thieving slimeball like you running the show?

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makes you wonder if the dodgy pen given to russia against rooney & england, was all a uefa set up?

porto recently proved to be cheating, same for the italians, so he picks on the law abiding english, yeah right, were cheating. actions1.gif

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I'm gonna get crucified for this, but I understand why he says he's not missing England at the Euros. He chooses his words poorly and maybe something could be lost in translation, but when he says that he doesn't miss England at the Euros, he says it is because "that would mean that we believe Croatia are a poor team". I totally see where he is coming from with that one. He is the UEFA president and he can't come out and say that some national team deserved to be in the final tournament instead of some other team. England has produced some exciting matches in past tournaments that I've liked to watch as a neutral, but they simply didn't play well enough to qualify, so they they wouldn't deserve to be there.

Ok...now I'm getting out of here before the knives(or even bigger weapons) come out. bolt.gif

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Funny how he doesn't mention the amount of money clubs such as Barcelona, Madrid, AC, Inter can spend...

Or indeed a certain team called Juventus back in the 80's when a certain Frenchman by the name of Platini used to play for them.

Hypocrite or what?

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Nice post Lofty. I despise hypocrisy and double standards. There's nothing i enjoy more than seeing some smug arrogant git in a position of power being confronted with some facts from his past that totally undermine him.

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i hate him and that other f*%k wit blatter or whatever his name is. the two of them together know as much about football as my arse knows about snipe shooting

I agree about Blatter's lack of knowledge about football, but are you saying your arse used to be a pretty elegant sniper? 300.gificon_lol.gif

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in its day but its knocked all that in the head now what with the peace process over here now

Are you good with your hands too? I mean, that would be a rare gift indeed: a sniper who can shoot two rifles into opposite directions simultaneously. icon_eek.gificon_lol.gif

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Tit is a really accurate word for Platini. He can occasionally utter what seems like a good idea, but he is way too abrasive and pigheaded about his approach

I understand the points the guy makes about clubs not being beholden to the almighty dollar and sympathize with him on that point. But, as people have said before, this is nothing new just because Americans are here to invest. Yes Liverpool are in chaos and the Manks are in debt. What about Roman? Al Fayed? Lerner? Have they not been good for their clubs???

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