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Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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<from todays Sun>

ARGENTINA ace Sergio Aguero could be ready to head to England.

An unnamed Premier League club — not Chelsea — has made a huge bid for the Atletico Madrid forward.

Aguero, 20, is one of Europe’s hottest properties and has a whopping buy-out clause of £44million.

He netted 20 goals in 37 league games last season to pick up Spain’s player-of-the-year award.

His agent Jose Segui said: “I’ve received an offer from a big English club and they’ve asked me to pass that offer on to Atletico Madrid.

“I can’t say anything more until I’ve spoken to the club about this definite offer.

"I can only say that it’s one of the best clubs in Europe and it’s not Chelsea.â€


Dammit this kid is mustard...the absolute dogs danglies. We SHOULD be in for him.

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Well, if the crap from the rags is to be believed, we already tabled that 44 and he wasnt game. Cant do anything in that case.

I would venture to say he wont be coming to England any time soon. Outside of us, nobody else can match that kind of bid unless they did some back pating with Athletico. But I honestly cant see Liverpool or Arsenal bidding over 20 million for anyone in the near future, and the Mancs seem to want Berbatov, who would be a dangerous addition

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i printed a similar thing to this the other night and to hear more about again today is really startin to concern me. this wee man is a fantastic player and not the sort of guy who should be allowed to join united without the likes of ourselves makin an offer. i know at the moment its paper talk but still you never know

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Fergie to replace Ronaldo with Aguero? Wouldn't suprise me. I'd hate it though, he is a great talent. Imagine him and Robinho on the wings, Deco in the middle. Cole and Kalou as subs...Drogs, or whomever up front. That would be amazing


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i think aguero would need to play in a 4-4-2, he's not a winger, and he get isolated out there where players could kick away at him, he's probably best played behind the frount man thus my hope the united thing is bollox.

I hate labeling players the next anything because i like to think of them as the what they are, so im going to pick my words carfully.

Aguero could be the man that puts that little bit of x factor back in to things, thw thing we havent had since zola left, what we thought we might be getting with mutu had it not gone so terribly wrong, what robben promised to be but got broke and what joe cole almost is but might never quite be!!

some one who's worth the ticket cost all by him self!!

This is to of my wish list for the summer!!

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I think the release clauses are only valid if it is another Spanish club doing the buying.

not sure about that, but it's a legal thing, and in most cases is circumvented by being ridiculously high- it's extremely rare for a top players release clause to be met (last time was figo to madrid I think), and since then they have gone even higher. basically they are irrelevant.

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