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Deco No.20


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I'm not sure if Paulo's all that attached to #20. Anyone know what numbers apart from #9 would be available between 1 and 25? Maybe Paulo wants a smaller squadnumber? Or maybe he is leaving...or Ivanovic is leaving and Paulo will take #2...oh, I don't know...

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Yeah, just saw that.

So what now, Paulo gets a new number or an empty suitcase?

i cant see him goin cause i think big fil may like him but you just never know. tho imo paulo aint really good enough for us.i thought he was the first season but since then im unimpressed. cant see anyone takin bosingwas spot

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The training top numbers don't seem to mean much during the pre-season. Bosingwa has been running around with #16 on his training top, but when he was officially introduced in a press conference today, there was no number on his shirt and in the article on the official site they say "Felipe Scolari was the man to hand the famous blue over to our newest right-back, the squad number yet to be announced". Is he waiting to see if some number becomes available before the start of the proper season, or what's the deal here? Surely he would've had time to pick a number by now.

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Mystery solved.


New signing Deco will retain the squad number 20 he has worn in previous seasons after Paulo Ferreira agrees to a swap.

Deco sported the number on his back at both Barcelona and for the Portuguese national team and his friend and compatriot, Ferreira, will change his Chelsea number to 19 following the summer signing.

'I was very happy to swap numbers with Deco,' Ferreira says.

'He has an academy back home that uses the number 20 throughout its work, as he's worn that number for a few years.

'I know how much the academy means to him and therefore how important it is for him to wear the number 20, so when he asked me if he could wear it I said of course, no problem.'

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