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What has John Hollins been up to?


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Has he tried to rip the heart out of a great side?

Or did he tell the board he wanted to sign Jerry Murphy to make the left-side of midfield tick?

ooohhh, someone holds grudges... <_< and rightly so.

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may be he was caught smoking

John Hollins belongs to the group of inept football managers along with the likes of Bryan Robson, David O'Leary, Graeme Souness etc etc.

As for the smoking, went and saw Paul Weller last weekend at Southend. First time I've seen him live for a few years and he was on top form - really good gig. But about 2/3 of the way through he flouted the old smoking laws and lit up and was puffing away like a good 'un. There has been quite a bit of fall out since.

Some will say what a w**ker, thinking he's above the law and behaving like the big I am. Not me - it's his artistic licence and he could stub the fag out on my head if he wanted - the blokes a Legend!!

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read about Weller in the press, I believe the council (not style) are after the venue more then Weller.

the reason I mentioned smoking in the first place is that I seem to remember that during Hollins less than memorable time as manager he was part of a national anti smoking campaign

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I know Johnny Hollins wasn't the greatest manager we ever had, but a hell of a lot of the blame for what happened during his reign has to go to his number two, Ernie Walley. He seemed to piss off the entire squad in record time, with players queuing up to leave. I know that Hollins must take responsibility for selecting Walley, but just why he chose him is anybody's guess. The general consensus at the time was that as 'Olly was such a nice bloke he needed someone tougher as his #2 - unfortunately he wasn't only Walley by name.

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