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Now it's Tuncay


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Is he starting regularly up at Boro? If so, why would he come to us to probably just sit on the bench? Also, if we are not meant to be active in teh january Transfer window, and not spending money, then surely it'd make sense to bring our own striker back......Pizarro?

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Personally, I would rather see Tuncay than Pizarro because I feel that the former would be cheap, and the latter, if we leave him, we could sell on for a decent fee on his current form

However, I disagree that we dont need him. Right now we have Anelka, option one, and DD, who hasnt been fit or out of trouble. After that its Di Santo, who has proven next to nothing, and Kalou, who nobody wants or trusts, and has proven about as much as Di Santo

I feel like we need at least a third, seasoned option that we feel is actually capable of scoring. If the gameplan isnt going well, and Anelka is misfiring or, worse yet, loses his nerve, we dont have much hope for brining on a forward for a fresh set of legs.

Not saying it needs to be Tuncay, but someone. Zaki, Santa Cruz, Owen. All would be good options, IMO

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Adriano is apparently coming according to this


He's a good striker, but I think he'll be just as much a handful as Drogba is at the moment...

I dont have to tell you that goal.com is as reliable as a corner drunk, and probably has the same number of inside sources.

I would rather take 15 for Drogba than take 10 and Adriano or any other headcase. Adriano is a mess, and maybe a father figure like LFS can straighten him out, but im doubtful.

Tuncay I wouldnt mind, but much much much rather we go for versatile wingers who can be thrown up there as supporting forwards. Once Di Santo comes back, I think we have a decent enough strike combo, assuming Anelka and Drogs keep scoring.

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The players been linked with us may be of good quality and I wouldn't mind any of Tuncay, Owen, Adriano, Fabiano(?) over here. However, why does everyone fail to realise we have absoulutely no funds available in January and have to sell first.

Pizarro and Sahar are two quality players out on loan and while one is scoring for fun in Germany, the other has been given limited time at club level but still scoring international goals. Both of them would want to prove themselves at Chelsea.

While Ben Sahar would not mind a stop gap role, Pizarro would surely think he deserves more than a role on the bench.

Our current strikers are : Anelka, Drogba, Di Santo while Kalou and Sinclair can also play up front if a major injury crisis was to happen.

If these two players are brought back, we suddenly have : Anelka, Drogba, Pizarro, Di Santo, Sahar, Kalou, Sinclair. Where's the need to spend money?

And if Scolari still wants someone 'different' upfront, god help him. For that 'difference', I recommend he should go for a decent winger who has the pace and ability to dribble past players. Such a player would cost something around 10-12 million if available. Where does this money come from? Well, Alex wants away so grant him his wish and at the same time, promote the likes of Mancienne.

Though I'm not sure about the players that will come under 10-12 million, I'm sure plenty decent ones would be there. Though Ashley Young or Andrei Arshavin would be dream signings, the likes of Zhirkov, Guardado or Farfan could be potential options and look like they could be in our budget.

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