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  1. Was that one on Alonso? It looked like he was marking Rashford and someone just forgot to keep running with Herrera.
  2. Is RLC injured/suspended?
  3. Why isn't CHO starting for one of Pedro/Willian? Ross Barkley can F***off if goes another match without performing.
  4. Literally four players around and none mark him.
  5. this match is VERY open
  6. Can’t give Morata too much time to think about
  7. How long will it be before Sarri tries one of Pedro or Hazard as a no.9?
  8. I know it’s Morata but Willian has to play him the ball there.
  9. Willian93

    Alvaro Morata

    Looks like he'll be missing the World Cup, he's been left out of the Spain 23 man squad. He was very quick to wish them luck.
  10. Azpi to Morata for a header we should trademark that