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  1. A double deflection. ffs Anyway...the better team. Let's see what Barkley's got in the 2nd half.
  2. Well...the way things are just now...looks like he's staying. He'll have agreed to stay the whole season and do his best if so, otherwise he'll sit on the bench and be useless to Atletico in January. It's not likely that Atletico will turf their main striker to accommodate him in Jan either, when you think about it, they play as a unit. I'll be happy to get another year out of Costa, if it happens.
  3. When Hazard made that pass with the back of his shoulder...I thought 'right...he's gone'.
  4. I'm conflicted...I want Jose to go to Man U just to keep him around...I also definitely do not want him against us in the league. Man U then back here in 3 years, I'll take that.
  5. This is really good. Fab has played lots with him, they can gel very quickly here. It's going to create space for Hazard, this is always good. He's not had gazillions of minutes in the past few years, he won't be tired. And let's be honest, perfect timing. One thing...welcome to the PL...let's hope Jose can turn him into the player we want.
  6. Watched Age of Ultron this week and realised Costa looks like the Hulk
  7. The Babadook. A nice little Ozzie horror where you can decide which of two stories you're watching and it's really scary when you realise which one it must have been.

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