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  1. I agree...the club should support the manager and sell the dead woods we have
  2. The question is who is out there that we can get and start banging them goals
  3. My lord..i dont want to hear that c**t mourinho after this game
  4. Exactly..we need to aim for top 4...next season we need to add players and a striker ffs
  5. We all do , thats why we have to score another goal quickly
  6. And everyone was saying why we need a defender ..well look at luiz...put Dave at the left and Moses at the right
  7. Am soooooooooooo nervous ...i feel my heart will go out...this is how I feel when we play a big team hahaha
  8. Best line up for me with pace Morata Hazard. Pedro Willian. Jorginho. Kante Dave. Rudiger Christensen Moses What to u guys think
  9. A player....exactly .... he wants rugani...he wants a fast attacking midfielder...he wanted a striker...all he got is jorginho
  10. And marina and the board will blame sarri like they alwsys do...it baffles me that they bring anyone they want and never support with the player who suit the manager's style
  11. And yet everyone is saying why do we need central defenders...Luis sh*t ....cahill is sh*t....we need a combative defenders who got pace pls...but meh. Our marina is sh*t

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