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  1. Is that Harry Munkworth? if it is Philip Schofield is still wiping you off his chin. 💥💥
  2. Yep and Man Utd fans become Chelsea ones, think that was the year we became rentboys 🤷‍♂️😀
  3. Yeah and the people that kept a failing club afloat for decades before a multi billionaire even heard of it should just piss off and not polute the stands that they put money in envelopes to keep a club alive before the Greater London Council bailed us out with tax payers money, but you wouldn’t know about that.
  4. It is if you’ve been indoctrinated and you’ve fell for Jeremy Corbyn and his treacherous commies, but no, I hold solid family values and honest ones that were the things that people held when society wasn’t a rabid mess..... Enjoy your rules mate 👍
  5. Just sets in stone what it’s all become, ps where was you when we were sh*t 😂
  6. It was ok to call Billy Bremner a scotch c**t, it was ok to call Steve Archibald a Scottish Jew and yes before this country got engulfed in cultural Marxist political correctness it was just banter, now we have a club that pays Trans people to where Chelsea colours at LGBT parades, gives life bans for calling a Spurs fan a front wheel skid and loses his season ticket for accusing Brighton fans of holding hands..... Sorry but I preferred the banter and I’m the softest most generous hearted person, can we stop all the snowflake ism please, it’s all getting a bit sterile.
  7. Joe Jordan couldn't have liked few teeth he had
  8. Not taking government taxes into consideration?, £40m x 10 years doesn't amount to nett profit.
  9. Personally I think being able to buy a ticket at a premium outside a football ground is okay. Sometimes you miss the boat and a tout is the only option.... Buying and selling a few tickets (as long as they are genuine) shouldn't be deemed a crime in a so called democratic society. On occasions when markets dictate you can often buy a ticket for less than face value for various events nationwide and touts make a loss.
  10. Haha no worries but I moe than likely know you
  11. Your right mate and sad that you asked but Kevin passed away about 10 years ago
  12. Ah Steve Ballard, grainy picture but I think I know who you are, who was the Everton fan from Walthamstow that used to stand with you at the back of the shed..... Do you remember getting fronted by George the Greek and his mob at Kings Cross station? Was about 1975 and a bit scary.
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