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  1. haha - That was a stinker for Alonso wasn't it! very unsuccessful with his crossing & overall play wasn't he!
  2. Welcome! Not too far away either - (nottingham)
  3. Did anyone actually expect us to be playing so well this quick under Sarri? Let's not get carried away, there is still a lot of improvements to be made and facing any of the top 6 contenders are going to be hard for us as a team right now but how nice is it knowing the opposition are fearing us already! I can't wait to see Sarri's team in top gear!
  4. Hazard easily, Ross showing potential again, I'm really happy with Luiz's defending lately too though! positionally seems to get a lot covered and 'right spot right moment' kind of clearances...
  5. Yes , I'm on the same page here, a very good step in the right direction!
  6. I think the UTD game If Hazard is going to be suffocated we could really let that provide space for Pedro and his out of the box striking ability! Maybe Ross whos high on confidence steps up to! Thoughts?

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