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  1. hutchslongthrow

    David Luiz back at Chelsea

    we'll have to agree to disagree on that one. The last time we won the league he also made premiership team of the year which means he was voted as one of the best 2 CBs in the league for consistency over one whole season. Obviously his performance in the last outing fell way short of that (didn't understand that challenge on Son) but to my mind, someone who as you put it 'always gifts the opposition a few chances' would probably be playing park football...
  2. hutchslongthrow

    David Luiz back at Chelsea

    If that were really the case, then he wouldn't be anywhere near the starting 11. Obviously it isn't so, though like every player does have the odd off game.
  3. hutchslongthrow

    Chelsea v Everton (PL) Sun 11th Nov 14:15 UK

    Eh? Sell Kante?! Back to back titles with two different clubs, in the team of the years two seasons running, player of the year in one of those. As is pointed out - is playing out of position, is one of two world class players we have at the club (and would outlast the manager anyway if he doesn't get things right).
  4. hutchslongthrow

    Chelsea v Everton (PL) Sun 11th Nov 14:15 UK

    Love to know what goes on inside his head. Never looks across the line....ever. You'd think they'd be studying this hard in the video room and working out a strategy to rectify it. Probably would still have got to the ball first for the ruled out goal from an onside position two inches back. Then there's the senseless yellow card - if you going to get carded at least be taking one for the team or something not for a futile whinge. Has been a frustrating watch outside the first three months.
  5. hutchslongthrow

    Marcos Alonso

    Did anything happen between the two in the build up? Watching on tv in real time maybe with blue-tinted specs, my initial thought was that he was just trying to avoid stepping on Fabregas and didn't realise that Long's leg was there as he went to put his foot down. That opposed to a sly blatant stamp!
  6. hutchslongthrow

    Thibaut Courtois

    All a bit knee-jerk IMHO. OK bad game and not a fantastic season. Would still rate him a 7/10 -as is solid most of the times, does all the bread and butter stuff well, doesn't give you palpitations and is still young for a goalie. So as long as is committed to the cause. Would be great if we get/make/find a decent striker though...
  7. hutchslongthrow

    Following our ex`s...

    Ha ha
  8. hutchslongthrow

    Following our ex`s...

    Found on another club's forum: "There aren't many players that can have delivered this sort of heart and commitment to their second club. It's not an accident that he's got a big room at home full of silver stuff." No prizes for guessing who!
  9. hutchslongthrow

    Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2017/2018

    More of a calculated decision than a 'guess' as is obviously an experienced 'keeper eh. Had to give himself enough time to get down and Messi conned him with his body shape. De Gea is the dog's tho...
  10. hutchslongthrow

    Following Our Nearest & Dearest Rivals, 2017/2018

    Not his fault that one but, in the same way you never expect Petr Cech to save a penalty almost ever, you also never think that Claudio Bravo is going to get to any sort of shot in the general direction of his goal. Very good with his feet though LOL!
  11. Thought Michy played OK myself. Not great - far from, but just OK. Obviously helped that we were 2 up inside of 6 minutes, but played the full 90 and Conte did see the need to hook him off (which again he would have done if he was as poor as you make out). Got the impression that the team more or less played at a canter after the second goal went in. So lots of sloppy passes, unnecessary flicks and Brighton thinking they are making a game of it. Not easy to keep at it for the full 90 several times a week, and no point running yourself into the ground when you're in control. Hazard's second is one I could watch a hundred times over. Love the way both keeper and covering defender dive the wrong way. Lol!
  12. All of the ball but disjointed and passes going awry. Nervous viewing with only one goal in it. As well as Conte's sending off, Renato Sanches making headlines for studiously passing the ball directly into the 'Carabao' logo in the hoardings when under no real pressure. In his defence (a) it's large and the same hue of red as Swansea kit and (b) is a rotating sign that went to red only when he had the ball, so from his peripheral vision obviously thought a team mate had just moved there! Looks totally dumb though and got the hook though not just for that. Feel for the geezer as has bags of talent concealed somewhere.
  13. hutchslongthrow

    David Luiz back at Chelsea

    Don't understand how he can go from being in the Premiership Team of the Year last season to being totally out in the cold (OK is currently carrying an injury). You'd hope any differences with the manager could simply be resolved over a cup of tea! Now very dependable at the back and probably adds more going forward than Christensen with his pinpoint driven or looping passes.
  14. Was our own one as well in case anyone not on Chelsea TV missed it: (I absolutely love these fly on the wall vids. Top level pro football - best job in the world eh!)