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  1. may be cause we had better players last season, Fabregas is slow Baka is clueless if he has to do something with ball we did give up a lot of goals by playing 3-4-3 this season, so he did the best he could playing defensive
  2. i think its more to do with our history than anything else
  3. theone


    who does Sarri think he will be first team manager, he has to work with the players the club provides him
  4. i don't think he's had much say who the club targeted only the type of players he wanted i think he wanted someone in similar mould of him, he said Bakayoko needs time to be integrated to the team but has no option but to play him i think he's just fed up and don't want to be here
  5. again after that performance who would you replace there were so many candidates
  6. even with defensive lineup we gave up 3 goals, if it was 0-0 i would have gone another attacker but 3 down wat it is the point
  7. when players are playing this sh*t nothing can fix it, i would have made no changes and made them go to the supporters with that performance after the game they can get the manger fired without being this bad
  8. he has a stable job, why would he want this
  9. that is a vague argument, nobody knows what was going on behind the scene or for how long and wouldn't it be better for him to sign a longer contract so he could be paid more when he was trying to get fired as many people claim here
  10. having better communication and being on the same page surely does help
  11. or may be there was a clause we didn't know about
  12. did the club actually offered him an extension or this was just the renegotiation after winning the league, i haven't read anywhere that he refused to sign an extension. i think it makes sense to not sign a long term contract specially for the club given our history and they would be liable for more money if they fire him
  13. WTF wat r u on about, its a gaming forum wat has Jack Nicholson done and this is from movie Anger management i m going to say lets move on, this is as stupid as it gets
  14. you keep changing topics you mean in his 27th season where he had control of everything and won the league, i am surprised too he didn't moan not saying Conte has earned complete control but he deserves to be heard after winning the league fergie sold Bekham at his peak (not criticizing but how would have fans taken to the news during that time ,this could have easily backfired ) imagine Conte doing that with Hazard (he hasn't earned the right to do so yet) Fergie was a exception rather than a norm how many managers have been successfully as him. Wenger doesn't moan as well even after they selling their best players year after year. it takes time, a guy not happy with the squad or how is treated by the management is moaning cause he will fired its part of his demeanor he is an explosive character, just look what he did at Juventus again i am not saying Conte is the best manager ever or anything, i am saying we keep firing managers over and over and keep repeating the cycle. there is something more that needs fixing i want Conte to stay cause he has shown he can win the league if anyone else comes and this happens again what will you do the club needs to find a manager who shares the same vision as the club
  15. Fergie had complete control of everything, he benched Berbetov for most of the season after him being their top scorer the previous season https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/manchester-united-news-alex-ferguson-11918367
  16. every leader is egoist to a certain extent(you have to believe in yourself to make others believe in you), go look Pep's or Jose or even SAF interview after they loose and tell me they are any different. as for moaning so you would rather have someone who just stands there and give diplomatic answers and then gets fired while no one else takes the blame he said earlier that he had no input and incoming and outgoings of the team he just gives his opinion , the club and Manager needs to have a similar vision of what they are trying to achieve. this is year the squad is weaker than last year with more games so you have to take fatigue into account too why we are struggling. put yourself in his shoes and you are in charge of a project but you don't get to decide what people you work with and then the project starts to fall apart what would you do? As for the players there is only that much you can motivate, these are the same players that finished 10th after winning the league. our new signings have not been that great this year. last year many said that Matic is the weakest link in the team and this year we are crying for someone like him. Conte's midfield requires hard working players like Vidal, Nainggolan that's why we signed Bakayoko and i didn't work out as planned. i don't know where Barkley fits and why we signed given we have Loftus. last year he didn't play Fabregas in the midfield of 2 this year he has no option its a reoccurring problem, what players did Jose get after winning the league, tell me what is he supposed to do with this https://www.givemesport.com/1267822-jose-mourinhos-eight-tragic-signings-at-chelsea-in-summer-2015-where-are-they-now in today's world Players don't have anything to loose, Manager gets fired what do players get. every manager have his faults, there is no thing as perfect manager. there were few things i didn't like either like what he said after the City game which might be a shot at the board but it was very demoralizing for the players or i don't know what is going on with Drinkwater if we get a new manager who knows what happens then may the players will loose the motivation after playing under him too, what will you do then its a double edged sword
  17. the one thing i learnt reading sports articles, it has no accountability. always look for actual quotes when reading an article cause the headlines are usually made up or misleading
  18. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2018/apr/13/antonio-conte-chelsea-poor-season “If we don’t qualify for the Champions League, it means we have to divide the fault, also with the players. We must be ready to share the responsibility. I’m the first to take my responsibility. Then there is the club. Then there is the players. In football, but in every job, it’s right to be in this way. We must be frustrated. Me, my staff, the players and the club, for this season. You start the season with great expectations. Instead we have struggled a lot, for many reasons.”
  19. played for about 2 hours, loving it so far the game is hard, combat is different but its really fun

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