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  1. Arsenal at least scored we don't even do that
  2. you mean he didn't attack with Bakayoko and Drinkwater as midfield options he changed the tactics to cover our midfield problems
  3. this team just gives up once it goes down, having said that Sarri needs some tactics as well
  4. under Conte, apart from City how many games were this bad
  5. Arsenal used the same Spurs tactic and literally the same result no plan whatsoever
  6. Sarri keeps saying what the problem is but nothing has changed in our attacking play
  7. me entering a thread about new signing
  8. theone

    New year

    Happy New Year everyone Eden signing a contract and the board signing players which actually improve the team
  9. I hope so too and it's just a ploy to get the board to spend on decent players
  10. these are the same people who banned Barca from signing players and then allowed them to buy for one window before enforcing the ban we need to change the structure, i think the best thing to do is enforce salary cap we have too much disparity between the bigger and smaller clubs. a club at the bottom cannot realistically think about being a champion (Leicester being an exception)
  11. i am not at all optimistic about this, the system is corrupt to the core will be interesting to see how this plays out
  12. i think the big reason is that we kept on winning, if the results would have been different i doubt he would be starting
  13. i think because it comes comes in 2 discs waiting for mine to get shipped :(
  14. why is nobody asking the important question does he get the service?
  15. you haven't watched american sports commentators, more than 95% of theses people don't even watch the game. they have nothing to lose. there is no accountability ,they get paid to be entertaining and that's what he's doing same goes for sports journalism in general https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H9w_XUQyJJQ this is one of my favorite videos about this
  16. why do people care about one random guy's opinion. as long Jorginho,s keeps playing like this i am happy
  17. he still needs to hold up the ball better other than that did much better today
  18. i agree with you to some extent, players like Messi Ronaldo are too much of a threat while attacking so they can afford to be less involved in defending. every player has positives and negatives its up to the manager to make whole team better than the sum of it parts. Ferguson's was a master in that, his teams consisted of average players but was one of the best teams in the league Messi for Barca is totally different than he is for Argentina. you dont think manager has any role in that

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