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  1. sell only if they take Drinkwater too
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tIJ2xbBaDTc top 4 race in a nutshell
  3. this is the complete opposite of the title race this season
  4. just Lol at this top four race, I dunno whether to laugh or feel sad
  5. theone


    and he never passes in the box too even if the other player is in a better position
  6. I am worried that we'll struggle against Brighton and somehow manage to screw things up again
  7. one of the best games of this generation IMO, you'll miss a lot of things on your playthrough especially the NPC's quests. I had to read where they are going to be so I don't miss them
  8. I think the relationship broke after the City game(after the first leg against Barca), he and the players were never on the same page after that. As for sulking Jose showed his frustration by getting angry at the players, Conte was just not shy about calling out the Board who are more to blame than anyone IMO if u keep missing CL 2 out of three seasons after changing the managers, the problem runs deeper than you think
  9. the only thing I don't like about this situation how we are not even getting to what he's worth today, all high profile players went for a very high price which helped the club to find good replacements at least
  10. I don't know if i love the game or hate it still getting my ass beat by the ogre
  11. it takes time to implement a style, a coach should get at least 2-3 seasons where he can work his style. I doubt the next manager will fix everything, he'll probably one good season and then when things get bad it's back to square one Conte told them what was needed and then the board gave him Baka and Drinkwater. it's a recurring pattern. its time to look for the root of the problem
  12. why doesn't anyone else take the blame? it can't be the coach every time
  13. is there a stat on the shots against and goals conceded I m pretty sure we'll be the top of the table
  14. Well, Conte would have got the best from this squad still. If Sarri is to succeed with us, we need serious investment for his one way system to bring success. And am not sure the board can afford investing too much. who would you change for me, our defense needs change first they are clueless once the ball is near them
  15. our defense is a joke no matter how bad Sarri is, the way we give up goals is just embarrassing
  16. this team need John Terry in the dressing room
  17. I agree we don't have a plan at all while other teams attack our weakness we rely on our passing

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