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  1. i think i will give atleast 2-3 months this season at least before writing him off, he needs someone like Drogba to give him mental toughness so who are other top young strikers out there, who will thrive in our team
  2. dude calm down, don't take it personally we have different opinions. i didn't say anything bad about him but ain't wishing him luck
  3. https://twitter.com/angry_rantman/status/1026488937965973504 lol
  4. all the websites reported Real will not increase the price, and signing a replacement before selling weakens our position lets wait and c what happens
  5. that's my point why should club sell for cut price if Real payed the market value atleast club can find a replacement if he has acted this way club has complete right to not sell at that price best move for the club is get Kovacic in exchange
  6. Real arent even paying the market value, you cannot just blame the club for this
  7. we need a midfielder too so get him and try for a goalkeeper Kovacic will cost lot more in today's market and this is way better than 35 million offered why would Atletico do swap ?
  8. https://twitter.com/ChelsTransfer/status/1026525437818597376 swap for Courtois
  9. theone


    fake, i have never seen her do public interviews let alone giving the amount
  10. i think he'll be a back up and helps being homegrown this does sound like a second season(of a manager) signing though
  11. theone


    i'll be waiting for this celebration from him
  12. but it was 'beautifully' backwards
  13. he isn't leaving just after we sign a new manager my guess is there will be few links and then he signs a contract during the season
  14. theone


    agreed the amount of fouls the City team gets away with is astounding
  15. we need someone to take the pressure off him, he's the only one the team who can create something out of nothing hope the club is signing an upgrade on what we have
  16. ^^ i'll believe you when he completes his first contract without getting sacked
  17. and then we can blame the manager, so all good
  18. watching Death Stranding feels exactly like being a Chelsea fan. the more you try to make sense, the more confused you get
  19. its not about cash, its buying players that actually improves the first 11 or at least challenge them
  20. he has offer from Man U and doesn't want to be a substitute player he had about 2 good months in the whole season

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