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  1. It really is worth considering that all footballing reasons aside, he could just be tired of London (many would be), and seeking his way out of his contract ASAP - he could be utterly depressed for all we know, in which case there can't be much negativity towards him IMO, just disappointed understanding.
  2. It's too easy to forget that less than 5 high profile players use Hazard's style. Less than 3 do. I can't even name the second one beyond Hazard; the only name is Ribery, but from years ago, though. You don't replace Messi, because his qualities will not be found again. Similarly, you don't replace Hazard, because his qualities will not be found again. Just like we won't replace Lampard, and won't replace Drogba. What's next, is a new 'style' entirely. One that i think will resemble 2005 Chelsea, just based on the players we have now and the way we'd have to set up if we lost Hazard
  3. I usually don't like it when names come out of nowhere as the next big thing, but my god Bailey seems fantastic. He's very similar to Hazard before we bought him in terms of, already ready to win the biggest games, but still so much refinement to come. We may be surprised. If we sign a more prolific player than Hazard, like a Bailey who goes on to score like Salah does for Liverpool, will we be appeased? Or will we genuinely miss specifically Hazard's touches, smiles, celebrations, etc? (I think so.) Ultimately i think... he can't be replaced. So instead, we have to change once he's
  4. If we can't bare 3 weeks of a moody manager and 1 underwhelming season when it's clear as day that the squad is short-changed, then we don't deserve - any - top managers in the future.
  5. Until signing Arsenal's 4th-choice striker, we had 0 players who're known to be consistent finishers. Yet, we hardly concede any goals. So, something's set up correctly; we're not failing to get to the other end, and we're not letting goals in for fun. Italy and Juventus's best manager of the past 10 years does seem to know something. To blame Conte and not either the players (who aren't natural finishers, not a single one!) or the board, who went ahead for multiple seasons without any foresight, is a lack of foresight. We've had plenty of games - like vs. United, and small teams - where
  6. His literal words a couple weeks ago were: 'I don't think Bakayoko is ready to play against Barcelona.' He was fit enough to play 90 minutes of football, or his type of football anyway. It was clear that if Conte wanted to play him, he would've. But he knew Bakayoko vs. Barcelona would be a slaughter. Just like moments throughout Luiz's 'injury', when really, Conte had just fallen out with Luiz, Conte's absolutely a read-between-the-lines guy.
  7. I think all but Bakayoko were. Conte consistently alludes to the fact that Bakayoko isn't ready for the top level (then why go for him, as an experienced manager?), and he'd have no reason to have been invested in the French league (and this was Bakayoko's only standout season, before we bought him). Just like Conte admits he didn't know about Emerson from his own back yard, I highly doubt he'd seen 50 minutes of Bakayoko. At no point do I believe Conte said anything similar to 'I like this player' re: Baka.
  8. I didn't think we'd keep Hazard even this long; so i'm somewhat less broken if he leaves. Disappointed for sure, and worried, but i'd instantly get onto Youtube, rewatch everything i can of him, and bask in the glory of having been weakly attached to the same social group as him. He made me love football again. Before Hazard, this was a game of results to me (the opposite life of an Arsenal fan). Post-Hazard, there's nothing better than simply appreciating talent - appreciating art in motion. The rest is secondary. It's a damn shame we didn't build around him properly so he and we could
  9. It's almost certainly heart related. Not much can make you faint - an interrupted rhythm of the heart, something traumatic to the entire body or brain (like a stroke, exhaustion, massive bleed). It's a shame that none of us are properly educated growing up regarding health; things like the reality that even young people can suffer from heart disease, arthritis, all sorts. Then again, it's an even bigger shame that we're not told just how much of this bad luck with health is down to genetics. Like these footballers, we can eat right, exercise, have lack of stress - and just drop. Becaus
  10. And we certainly like to counter-attack more than other teams; we employ cantenaccio against Watford I wonder why it seems to stick. Albeit far more attractive and effective, we used the same cantenaccio base throughout our entire Lampard / Drogba legacy, I think. Difference being then, we were a big juicy orange; now we're a slightly dry, small nectarine. Better than most of the raisins in the league still, but we're lacking juice. Our horrible style isn't so horrible when we have brilliant players. Actually when we have the brilliant players coupled with the ugly tactics, that see
  11. Sometimes we can all be a bit dumb, but it's nice to remember (and hard to) that we don't need to blame solely 1 party. It's everyone; just by chance, everyone has coincidentally brought their B-game this season: the board, Conte, the players. It's on all of them for the most part, bar a select few players, and obviously background staff.
  12. So - Mourinho's not good enough, Conte's not good enough, Poch wouldn't be good enough, Sarri wouldn't be good enough, Ancelotti wouldn't be good enough, Simeone wouldn't be good enough, Why is it that the very top managers in the game, aren't good enough for Chelsea? Could it be to do with the environment they'd be made to work in here? Could it be that our failures are more due to the bones of the club, and not the brains we bring in for 2 seasons at a time? I can't picture any of those managers having 3+ fruitful seasons here. And I don't see how that could be down to them, som
  13. I think for Conte to want to leave, there must be something profound going on. He came to the club already knowing our reputation when it comes to being difficult with managers; or more accurately, 'head coaches'. He knew he'd work with a DoF, he knew he'd bend to the will of his superiors - yet he signed up, and yet still, he seems genuinely upset or disturbed about the environment he's working in. Is it a case of, Conte genuinely had that much confidence he could reform our ways, yet, our ways are still this set in stone? I'd walk. Maybe he's decided 'I've proven myself in E
  14. I saw Conte win the league with Alonso, Moses, Cahill, Fabregas, Pedro, and 1 striker. Never again will a top club win the Premier League with such a low standard of players - regardless how many games they do or don't play that season. Conte can't stay just because he's won us a shiny trophy, but what he's done seems already forgotten. These aren't massive deals, but they're something - tying the longest winning streak in Premier League history; most consecutive Manager of the Month awards in Premier League history; reinventing the Premier League league's style of football, slowing the l
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