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  1. I guess the way I look at his comment is this... if his preference and desire was to stay then it’s quick and easy to say that, and everything goes away. But saying he will address it later, that means there is something more to be said, but he doesn’t want to distract his team, otherwise why not just say they are rumors and he is happy where he is at and focused on the task at hand. now... all of that being said, how in the world do you pay for this dude with all the other signings we are looking at and the albatross that is Kepa’s contract hanging over you. I just don’t see how it gets done along with Havertz and some of the other signings that are rumored. I was listening to a podcast today that had Matt Law on and his belief was that Chelsea has two lists of keepers, on list of names for if they manage to sell Kepa, and one for if they can’t move Kepa. If they can sell Kepa they could go for a big name keeper like Oblak.
  2. No doubt the team wants him in as early as possible, but perhaps they feel they can save £10-£20M by doing some negotiating, I would imagine the savings is more important to them than the extra week.
  3. I would imagine the fact that it’s gone quiet for a few days and we haven’t really heard anything is because the teams may be actually negotiating in the background. I believe the fact that the only suitor is Chelsea will make this take longer because Chelsea wants to leverage that to make it cheaper, and Bayern Leverkusen is going to try and drag every penny out of them by making Chelsea think they will just keep him. Another team getting involved would force action, but would drive up the price. I still think this ultimately gets done, it’s just going to take a little more time.
  4. I’ve seen reported that Chelsea’s initial bid was for £50M + £10M in add ons... if true they are clearly trying to come in lower than the £90M asking price and hoping to settle in the middle around £75M
  5. Not that it ever was, but certainly shows money won’t be an issue if he chooses to invest it into the club.
  6. I disagree... in order for there to be a rebound, Kepa would have to stop the initial shot... we all know that doesn’t happen.
  7. I say Onana for the simple reason of price, Ter Stegen and Oblak are more proven, but they will be insanely pricey. Not to mention we need to fortify the 4 in front of them or any keeper will look trash.
  8. It’s just posturing, if Chelsea pays up, they will let him go. They are trying to use what little leverage they have.
  9. Most likely, they don’t have a lot of negotiating power right now given Chelsea is the only bidder. Only move they have would be to hold him for another year, but then Havertz may decide to force the issue.
  10. Agreed, and then we wouldn’t be able to fix the back four and a new goalie wouldn’t improve us really.
  11. More from Twitter...
  12. I wonder what the hold up is to even submitting a initial bid?
  13. I would have to agree, no way we could afford both.
  14. When you amortize his £71M transfer fee over his seven year contract, it comes out to £10.1 per season, and he has been here for 2 years already, so we have accrued for £20.2M of his fee already, which is probably how Chelsea got to the desired fee of £50M, with that said, if you can sell him for £35M, you effectively took a £15M loss, and you just be happy you don’t have to pay his salary anymore. At this point it’s a no win for Chelsea, even if you believe you can loan him for a year or two to get his value back up, then you are still getting hit for the £10M every year because of how they amortize transfer fees. any time you pay record fees for a player you run this risk, because if they don’t end up being great, you won’t get a record return.
  15. If they get £50M for him that would be the greatest escape act from a poor purchase ever. In fact the way teams do they financial accounting he would come out at about a net wash in terms of cost. now back to reality, nobody will pay that.

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