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  1. Sport BILD is basically the Bayern newspaper, their journalists tried to write Havertz to Bayern for 3 years and I suppose they are pissed he didn´t join them. Don´t worry about this crap.
  2. Long way to go to World Class for sure, but I am convinced that he has the potential to reach that level. But of course I can´t look into the future. Back in 2012 every German football fan was convinced that Mario Götze would be a potential Ballon Dor Winner and his career turned to sh*t after his move to Bayern. On Werner, I´m pretty biased. I never really rated him, because in my opinion he profited a lot from the Leipzig system, which relies on high pressing, ball recoveries and fast passes behind the defensive line. With his unbelievable pace and his great timing of runs, this
  3. I haven´t been on here since a few months but after Kai apparently has had a poor run of form for you, I decided to look into this forum again out of curiosity. I am a Bayer Leverkusen supporter since 18 years and I have watched basically every Havertz game for us and wrote a few things about him on here earlier. What I can say is: There might be a slight misconception about Havertz time in the Bundesliga. I didn´t expect him to be a consistent top performer right away at Chelsea, he hasn´t been consistent for us either during the years. The fascinating thing is, that the discrepancy
  4. Play him in his natural position and he will deliver. Should give him loads of confidence for the upcoming games. And then, he will probably be more involved in the game, you don´t play against Liverpool every week.
  5. Yes, that´s what I was trying to say basically.
  6. Kai did play as a RW for us last season, but when I watched the Chelsea game I felt like he was positioned very wide in comparison to his games with us. He´s not a natural winger, he obviously lacks the pace and acceleration for it. He´s a tall guy after all. He likes to cut inside on his left foot from that position, you won´t see him making runs down the touchline and putting in crosses. He occupies basically the same spaces that Messi does in Barcelona. Opening up the wing for the full-back and trying to receive the ball between the lines and turn. And I am obviously not comparing him to Me
  7. There is no way, the fee is just 72m €, we would´ve never sold him for that. German media outlets kicker and BILD who are the most reliable are reporting 80+20 in add-ons. In our club statement we stated that Chelsea "accepted the Leverkusen transfer conditions." Even on the Chelsea website Kai was labelled as the "record signing" so he at least has to be more expensive than Kepa.
  8. Well, its finally coming to an end, thank god. Kicker reports a fee around 100 mil € with add-ons. Good deal for both sides hopefully. Take good care of Kai and don´t expect him to score 20+ goals in his first season please. And please for the love of god get off our Twitter accounts.
  9. Statements from our managing director Rudi Völler today in kicker: "Regarding Kai, there is no decision yet. I´m repeating myself, if I emphasize that we´re talking about a wonderful footballer here. There is no update on him. It is communicated clearly and consensual with him and his agents that he can only leave the club under certain conditions. Otherwise, he´ll stay." Free translation by me. Pretty clear that we are still insisting on 100m € and there is no room for negotiation. But probably you won´t read any of this from the so-called insider journalists like Romano and so on....
  10. I think I compared Kai to Özils body language when I wrote here a few weeks ago. So, since some are wondering: Yes, his body language is like that practically every game, not just in the 2 europa league games you guys have watched.
  11. I wrote something about him a few pages ago in this thread. You should find it in my post history. But to briefly elaborate on your questions: Strengths: Unbelievable composure on the ball, especially at his age. Ball control, vision in the final third, a player that makes the right decision 90% of the time. Very rarely loses possession. Great finishing, he likes to make runs into the box from central midfield and scores a lot from there. He´s also tall and wins many headers, can also play as a holding player due to his skillset. Weaknesses: Sometimes a bit too careless/a
  12. I wrote here a few weeks ago, that there won´t be a discount and it seems like Fabrizio and other media outlets confirming it. 55 + add ons is quite laughable and not realistic at all. Either Chelsea pays up or no deal will happen, we are not desperate to sell Havertz this summer. Think, this thing will stretch out a bit and Chelsea will end up paying the 90m $.
  13. Pretty sure. After our cup final last saturday, Rudi Völler, who´s our managing director, said again that there won´t be a "corona discount". A few weeks ago, it was reported in Germany that we rejected a 70m bid from Real Madrid and Karl-Heinz Rummenigge said before the cup final on live television that Bayern won´t go for Havertz this summer because they don´t have the funds after the Sané deal. Those things for me at least indicate that we pretty much insist on a certain price and that price would be 90m pounds. As far as the Champions League goes, well it certainly hasn´t improved our
  14. So, I have way too much free time on my hands right now and decided to create this account for the sole purpose of addressing a few things about the Havertz rumour from a different perspective that migh be of interest. Mainly because I think a lot of stuff going around at social media is complete nonsense. I am a Bayer Leverkusen supporter since 17 years and have watched every game Kai played in. I can say for sure that he is certainly the best talent I have ever seen at our club. He´s a unique player with a very unique skillset. Although he scores a lot, his scoring record oversha
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