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  1. Why would a simple link from twitter not work? If you're gonna lie do better, otherwise just own up with your chest that you stole it and reposted for some free likes on a forum
  2. Such a sh*t show tbh. Hopefully you're compensated more so than just a bog standard refund
  3. I meant hes an unknown in the prem. Its one thing playing and getting experience in another league but its another in the prem. And judging by how some players have looked great at other leagues and poor in the prem, its still a worry. Not saying Kounde is a bad player either, I just dont think its worth that much money unless we can offload a couple of our fringe players going the other way. You're right though, whatever the case may be, it needs to be solved quickly. I would personally like to see Chalobah be in the squad, and get a fair shot at starting some cup games and league games where we're resting players.
  4. Sell him now for a cheap fee (because nobody in their right mind would pay anything over 15m for him) or lose him next year for free, at this point I just want rid of all the deadwood
  5. Anyone got a Matt Harding lower ticket then....
  6. Most the ones leaving are the ones with lower ceilings than we currently have. We're not selling players like Broja, Gilmour, Colwill and Maatsen are we? Its just the likes of Simeu, Tomori, Guehi who have less of a ceiling than who we currently have. Worst case scenario they turn into good players, and we buy them back cheap because of buyback clauses, but I dont think they'll be anywhere near as good as some of you think. Saying that I do think Bate and Livramento were 2 we should have maybe kept and loaned out, but im okay with the rest.
  7. Look at this picture of Tammy... Everyone in joy and celebrating our CL win, and Tammy just sat down tensing his muscles? Weird character, seems like a show off despite his lack of talent
  8. I had that hope a few weeks ago, but then I saw his performance in the Super Cup and he looks the same player... Hopefully playing with Lukaku changes that
  9. Agree with this, hes a bit of a strange one always needing to flex his muscles for some reason, when he isnt even that big lol. Now if Lukaku were to flex that makes more sense... But on the whole, just not that good of a striker imo and if the rumors are true and there's offers between 30-40m for him id take it immediately.
  10. Excellent performance overall, but did make some big mistakes that could have been costly. Thankfully for some of them he recovered well and dealt with it. Dont think we need Kounde now because he looks like some player
  11. After seeing Chalobah and how good he looked against Villareal, is it even worth spending 80 odd million on a relative unknown? A deal involving Zouma and maybe one other going the other way + money Im good with but straight cash hes not worth it imo and id rather Real Madrid go for him. if we are going to spend that much money on a CB my choice would be between Marquinhos, De Ligt and Bastoni and all 3 of them look unlikely to leave their clubs Ideally, Thiago Silva, Christensen, Rudiger, Chalobah and one of the 3 I mentioned and we are sorted for this season and probably the next few years as well
  12. Think its a bit too harsh to judge a player on his first season in a new league so ill give him an extra few months. Most the players we signed last summer have looked like they’re improving so only time will tell. Ziyech has improved the least in that time
  13. Preseason against a bunch of bums who dont even care to take the game seriously doesnt mean anything... Based on how he played for most of last season is why we would sell him, but ofc its still early days and the jury's still out and im willing to give him some time. But if it comes to December time and hes still playing terrible then get him out
  14. Was good today, but definitely showed that hes still quite raw with some of the mistakes he made. He's still very young, still has time to turn into a quality player for us. Definitely one for the current loan army and not one of the selling bunch like Peart-Harris and Simeu
  15. Pulisic was poor today, but at least hes showed at times he can be unreal. Ziyech has been less than 5/10 the vast majority of the time hes been on the pitch
  16. I actually wouldnt even be surprised if that were the case. No manager would have paid 35m for Drinkwater on a 5 year deal on 100k a week... Its genuinely bonkers. He definitely set the club back a few years with his behaviour, and only at the end of this season we will rid of all remnants of his tenure.
  17. What horrendous business.. I believe the majority were Conte signings as well? The expensive ones anyway Miazga, Musonda and Kenedy were cheap ones and I think loan fees would have made back the majority of the money we paid for them Barkley for 15m in the grand scheme of things I’d say was worth it, he was good for us at times, scored a few important goals and I think with his loan fees would have made up what we spent on him overall. Batshuayi is similar, except he was a worse player and we definitely lost more money on him Bakayoko, as horrible as he was, actually got good loan fees I think over the years and we can still potentially sell him for 15 odd mill with a couple Italian clubs interested. Drinkwater on the other hand…. Absolutely horrible, I dont think we made any money at all even from loan fees and his resale value is 0 If we’re extremely lucky, we’ll sell a couple for cheap at recoup around 30m in total, rest of them will just run down their contracts and get released next summer
  18. Messi playing for us would have bought us in so much money globally that its actually a joke. Do you know how many eyes will be on PSG now just because he plays there? Its catapulted them into a whole different level.
  19. Teams like Marseille, Lyon, Lille, Monaco are big European teams and all all this talk just for PSG to not win the league last year haha! Past 5 years PSG have won it 3 times, Monaco once and Lille once. If you wanna look at corruption, I think City are easily the worst of all teams. In all honesty, I dont think any billionaire owned club is clean at all and are all somewhat dirty. I would have loved nothing more than to see Messi at Chelsea. We could have paid him a million a week, and the amount of money he would have bought in for us would make that look like chump change, not to mention him catapult us to a different stratosphere in terms of club status. Now its PSG who will arguably end up being another Real Madrid or Barca and not us, what a shame.
  20. Yeah it wont be easy, but we should still be winning
  21. Must win game imo, its pretty massive and would be a wonderful addition to the trophy cabinet. Almost kind of embarrassing that we’ve been in it 3 times in the past 10 years and lost each time. Would much rather have this than a crappy Community shield thats for sure
  22. Its funny because Im sure I saw reports that Napoli and AC Milan offered about 20m for Bakayoko but we rejected them because we wanted 30m… We should be thankful they offered anything above 20k let alone 20m!! It is quite strange business though, I think we just got too greedy wanting as much money as possible and in the end ended up with nothing. Next summer could potentially be huge though, as we will be freeing up an absolute ton of wages from who we’re set to lose
  23. 100% they will cause a few of these players were actually wanted by other clubs but just didnt wanna pay much. Now that they’ll end up free agents they’ll be licking their lips. I can see Emerson and Bakayoko getting snapped up very quickly as they were always wanted by a few different italian clubs
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