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  1. as long its above the murderers and front wheel skids i will be happy, 2nd or 3rd.
  2. Hooked and reeling the Jock in, cock in one hand, keyboard in another.
  3. I am expecting top 2 this year if we keep Hazard, Kante and Morata. Us against the Moss side mugs.
  4. Happy to drive the ugly bastard to Heathrow myself, always moaning, never looked happy, is Peter Borata still around .
  5. ZZZ ,shut this topic down, Conte and his dodgy Barnet are history, we move on as always
  6. Didn't you get the memo, the players fu#king hated him, and it's all about player power these days.
  7. You may think Emenalo was the enemy, he was the conduit between the players and the management
  8. Conte in tomorrow for pre season training, 100%
  9. Wembley is already signed and sealed, with an agreement to open the Chelsea Nike store at Wembley. Could be 4/5 seasons.
  10. The team is tonight. Thibaut Azpi Christensen Rudiger Moses Fab Kante Alonso Willian Hazard Pedro No Number 9 both on bench
  11. Giroud is on the bench tonight, should have started
  12. Reality check Conte is apparently an aggressive bully, who is hated in the dressing room. Morata would play because his mate died and his head wasn't in the right place ( bet he picked up his £250k wages ). Courtois is site seeing in Madrid, Baka, Drinkwater, Zappacosta, Batman, Rudiger, Moses, Cahill all mediocre at best. Peter Crouch and the Pikey was actually fact ( contract discussed ). Another day in the life of a frustrated Chelsea supporter.

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