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  1. Not bullet sponges as such, they have changed things a bit in this FC game compared to previous ones. Now when you scan enemies with your phone camera, it shows you their weaknesses. Some are weak to soft target bullets, whilst others can only be taken down quickly with armour piercing bullets. If you use the wrong bullet type (soft bullets on armoured soldiers for example) enemies will take loads more shots before being killed. In terms of general gameplay it plays like the other games. As I mentioned above though, there seems to be more of a focus on Just Cause-esque mayhem instead of sneaky stealth in this game. You CAN try and sneak into a base and take everyone down silently but it's more difficult. I'm still having fun with it- the game map is very big and I've barely scratched the surface. They've also got rid of skill trees and now all exp points go towards modding your weapons and armour with different types of attachments and buffs.
  2. I have only played a couple of hours and I see what you mean about the stealth- they are almost encouraging the opposite, especially since you consider your crocodile Guapo, who you can direct to attack soldiers and the Supremo weapons. All to cause as much chaos as possible and be as loud as possible! I still try my best to sneak into bases and disable alarms, sneaky machete people and throw EMP grenades at the cameras to fry them. But more often than not it defends into a massive firefight.
  3. Correct. Been watching the Fever Pitch: Rise of the Premier League on iPlayer and episode 3 focuses on the Keegan years. And I was thinking- is that it? They almost won the league in one season, running United close and that means they are a big club? Pur-lease…
  4. My copy of Far Cry 6 arrives today. I know Ubisoft get a lot of stick for releasing the same sort of game every year, but I love them. The island of Yara (basically Cuba) looks like a beautiful sandbox to wreck havoc in and I can't wait to set my pet crocodile loose on to an enemy base and watch him maul people to death. The game has received the sort of review scores you'd expect. Ubisoft clearly aren't interested in re-inventing the wheel here but so what? You know what you're getting with Far Cry games. I wasn't enamoured with FC5- I think something about its setting in red-neck America didn't appeal to me- so here's hoping FC6 is more akin to FC3+4.
  5. Shopto eh? I have always wondered if they are legit or not. Now I know. I will keep them in mind for future purchased as I see they are a lot cheaper.
  6. I'm usually use Amazon for pretty much everything- I pre ordered Far Cry 6 from there until I saw that they wouldn't deliver for another 5 days after release, despite being on Prime. So I cancelled my pre-order and ordered from Curry's instead. Next day delivery guaranteed. The price is the same though. I can never find anywhere where games are drastically cheaper, I accept that they cost around 50 quid these days!
  7. Squid Game on Netflix. It’s like a South Korean version of the Hunger Games, but way better. It’s tense, thrilling and brimming with great characters.
  8. No Time to Die (No spoilers) Daniel Craig throws his heart and soul into his final performance as James Bond. Our hero is retired, living in Jamaica and enjoying the quiet life, before his old friend Felix Leiter gets in contact and asks for help rescuing a scientist in Cuba. Soon 007 is dragged back into a world he thought he had left behind. This is a James Bond film like no other. It's a long film but doesn't feel that way, as it is paced to perfection. The action scenes are brilliant (the opening in Italy and the Cuba shoot-out with Ana de Armas's Paloma is a highlight), the script witty and Craig displays real pathos and grit as the world's most famous spy. It's certainly a film which will divide Bond fans, but I won't go into anything here. Just go see it for yourself. 9/10
  9. Chalobah just behind Lukaku and Werner? RLC and Chilwell starting? This is an insane starting 11.
  10. Tuchel said Silva had “problems in training”- sounds like he’s just old and tired!
  11. Pretty much what stopped me from buying it. As much as I really liked Dishonoured it looked very samey and wouldn't take too long to complete. Talking of being samey, I've pre-ordered Far Cry 6. Give me an Ubisoft copy-and-paste game anyway.
  12. @ForeverCarefree , care to comment? You're quite critical of games in general, I wonder how you've been finding it?
  13. Deathloop has been released to rave reviews- IGN and Gamespot have both given it a 10/10! I am very tempted to purchase it. Arkane made Dishonoured which I played years ago and I loved that game. Having looked at the gameplay I am getting strong Dishonoured vibes with this one too…
  14. Mad line up, hope it works! Lots of goals in that team though
  15. Anyone see the PlayStation showcase yesterday? The new God of War looks great!
  16. I don't see where he will fit in or what position he will play exactly, but a good signing!
  17. Willian’s decision to up sticks is pretty damning for Arsenal- the situation and morale there is probably more dire than we imagine.
  18. It’s insane isn’t it? Such a well-focused narrative, brilliant graphics and exciting gameplay. Speaking of open world games, I’ve returned to AC: Odyssey. I want to get all the trophies so I have a lot to do! I finally defeated all the cult members today but I have so much more to get in with. Might try the the DLC. It’s great that it plays in 60fps now on PS5.
  19. Ronaldo can’t run anymore. Can’t take free kicks anymore. This signing doesn’t bother me in the slightest.
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