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  1. On the face of it, Tuchel has done a damned good job. Taken us from 10th to a (Spurs sponsored) 4th, FA Cup final and Champions League final. Back in December, if somebody had offered us this, we would have ripped their arm off. So it is with some trepidation that I have to say that I do not think that the Club has progressed one jot !! The defence is where he has changed us for the better. Frank seemed too caught up in a need to attack regardless, whereas TT recognised the defensive frailties and put them right. But the same weaknesses are still evident elsewhere in the team. Our lack of proper leadership, game management, inability to turn massive possession stats into goals and wins and clearly good players continually failing to produce worries me. These are the areas. that TT needs to address during the recess. We should pay whatever Wet Spam ask for Declan Rice, the kid is a leader on and off the pitch and I can see him and MM forming a Lampard/Terry bond of leadership. We need a proven striker, my choice would be Harry Kane, second choice Lukaku and third (he is on his way to City) Haaland. Hopefully we will bring back Mark Guehi from Swansea, where almost every game he is man of the match. A few will leave (Emerson, Alonso, Jorginho and regrettably Tammy) so there may be squad places up for grabs to more of the Academy. TT then needs to mould this squad into his own team. Stamp out the constant mistakes and silly penalties (should be sorted if Jorginho goes !) keep the defensive strength, while replacing Dave with Reece full time and starting Chilwell. Then find the magic touch to get Werner and Havertz scoring. We know that they can both get goals, they did until they came to Chelsea, so TT must find the key. I think that Pulisic and Ziyech have done enough to get another season and unlike a few on here (My Bro' included), I would keep Kovacic. Then we will see what TT is really made of. A full pre season, a hopefully fit squad to choose from and the back bone of Mendy, Silva, Rice and Mount to build around, will probably decide whether he gets a contract extension and stays with us.
  2. Spot on, we are so missing a natural leader. Someone who can literally drag a performance out of his team, and sorry, even though he is a legend, that man aint Dave
  3. So it is really down to this one game. (Villa away will likely be a draw) We really must take revenge for Leicester's dodgy win on Saturday and get the 3 points. The players MUST take personal responsibility for a win, nothing less will do. I saw signs on Saturday of our usual "couldn't give a toss" attitude, I just hope that TT saw it too. I am praying that Kovacic is fit, but as he wasn't on the bench at Wembley, that seems unlikely. Pulisic must start in preference to Ziyech and Chilwell instead of Alonso and with Havertz probably our best chance of actually scoring, I would start him instead of Werner. The praying starts now !!! 🙏🙏🙏
  4. Congratulations and huge praise to Thomas Tuchel, his players and staff. I had wanted Frank to stay and was not best pleased when he was sacked and as I really didn't know too much about TT, was fairly negative about his appointment. I feel so guilty for this and oh so wrong!! The guy has in double quick time, turned us from a disorganised rabble into an exciting, organised, passionate, spirited team, and the turnaround in form of some of the players is nothing short of miraculous. We are now being variously talked about as real CL contenders, a good bet for the Premier League next season and nailed on for the FA Cup 😍😍. Back in the dark days of December and early January containing losses to Everton, Wolves, Arsenal, City and a bore draw vs Villa who would have dreamed that we would now be in the top 4, in The Champions League and FA Cup finals and are the toast of the TV & radio pundits. It feels great to be a Chelsea fan again, I will always love the Club but there are times when I don't like it so much. I've never been so pleased to admit I was wrong or to admit that Roman and the Board of the Club certainly do know a lot more than us the fans 💙💙💙 KTBFFH
  5. A 1-1 draw AWAY at Real Madrid in the semi-final of the Champions League and we are all feeling disappointed? This is testament to TT's massive impact on our Club at every level. With good finishing we could/should have been 3-0 at half time. The game plan was superb, we were set up perfectly and almost every player did what was expected of them and delivered top class performances. TT also gets the subs correct and at the right time. Had we been offered a draw before kick off, we would have grabbed it with both hands, so i hope that the players are not too down with not winning and will finish the job next week, having demolished and relegated Fulham before hand 😉 The set up at home will be different, but all we need to do is TIT (trust in Tommy) I think he may be a bit more defensive, Hopefully Kovacic will be fit and hit them on the break, which I genuinely feel we are better at as we have the pace. Regrettably I would probably drop Werner although I doubt TT will, I would go with Kai or Tammy up top and probably start with Ziyech or James too in place of Dave at wing back. We can do this, and I have a hunch that under TT we will probably will. KTBFFH !!
  6. The club very rarely speaks to us the fans and I just think that with an issue this potentially damaging to the relationship with it's fans, it might have thought it should try to explain its thinking behind taking part and pulling out
  7. I probably sound like a stuck record on this point, but why is it that Chelsea is the only one of the "big 6" that feels it does not have to apologise for its shocking mistake of joining the ESL? Just a half baked statement on the website, the PR at our club is pathetic. I am not seeking a personal impassioned speech from Roman, just an acknowledgment that the Club made a mistake by taking us the fans, the players and Manager for granted when we had no part in the debacle. ALL of the other 5 have done the decent thing, why do Chelsea feel they don't need to????
  8. Apparently Woodward actually resigned because he was forced to join the ESL by the Glazers. If this is proven to be true, he will be a hero with Man Ure fans !!
  9. So what is the general opinion on what the fall out from the ESL participation is likely to be? I think that the Owners and maybe by association, the Board of the Clubs should be penalised. HEAVY fines and the possibility of having their "Fit and Proper Person" registrations rescinded or put on probation which if withdrawn would effectively force them to sell. The Clubs themselves should escape any punishment as the Manager, coaches, players etc. had no part in this fiasco. So hurting them with points deductions or banning them from competitions is not fair. In fact it was probably the intervention of Henderson, Guardiola and Rashford that made their own clubs see sense, at Chelsea it is the fans that made the Club see reason. There WILL be further sanctions, I just wonder what form they may take?
  10. So the Spuds are going for another Chelsea cast off (AVB, Jose and now Sarri) will they never learn ? 🤣🤣
  11. I always thought it was the genuine "Roman" 😉
  12. Last para is so true Spiller, despite the breaking news, the team didn't have the stomach for it
  13. Come on Roman, Bruce, Marina & Eugene How about a bit of an apology ?????
  14. ALWAYS very happy to be proved wrong. Well done Chelsea 👏
  15. I was looking forward to watching this game, but after the ESL fiasco, have no interest in the result. That's a lie, deep down I still want Chelsea to win, I just don't care if we do or not. First time in over 50 years I have felt like this (although nearly did when we sacked Ancelotti)
  16. and therein lies Tottenham Hotspur present and future !!
  17. Billionaire Robert Kraft, owner of Kraft Foods and the New England Patriots, was once asked if he would follow Kronke and John W Henry into buying an EPL Club and he commented "I would never invest in a League that had promotion and relegation, How could you run a business on that basis?" This sums up the Club owners attitude to football. Remove all risk of jeopardy = guaranteed profit, but only if someone buys your product 😉
  18. I hope and pray that Chelsea are the first club to say "we got this wrong, completely underestimated the strength of our fans feeling and apologise unreservedly". Do I think that this will happen? not a f**king chance. As Just pointed out, if we honestly believe that Roman gives a toss about Chelsea fans, we are sadly misguided. This Club is an investment, albeit an exciting one for him, but an investment never the less, which he was offered the right money for, he would sell in less than a heartbeat. I have NEVER felt so alienated by our club, I have supported them through the highs and lows, thick and thin for 52 years but honestly would consider following a non-league or lower league club rather than put a single penny into what should soon be a very full pot. I am staunch Chelsea, but I also love football, especially the romance of small clubs making it big, non League players making the big time, and almost extinct clubs surviving and judging by my family and mates (all of an age) we all feel the same. I had expected this type of set up at some point, but not the unilateral animosity at every level of football that we are seeing. Chelsea always seem to self destruct, or shoot themselves in the foot, when things are going really well. Here we go again !! I don't use the word lightly, but I pray that it's not too late to reverse this shockingly bad decision.
  19. The two biggest issues that we are facing is a lack of goals and an almost total lack of creativity. Tuchel has definitely stopped the losses, but we had some easier games during his honeymoon period. This period should have given the players the perfect chance to prove themselves to Tuchel, but with the exception of Mount and Jovacic, none of the others have done so. I hate to say, it looks like the same old Chelsea. Players not giving a f**k, not trying, or giving up as soon as the oppo score. Yes, the defence has tightened up but Southampton, Newcastle, Barnsley, Spurs and Burnley are not exactly World Beaters !! I really do fear a hammering when we play someone decent. I expect Tuchel to get hold of the squad, give it a damn good shake (bollocking CHO was a start) and make a clear plan of who needs to go and who is worth keeping. Has Tuchel had enough time to work on a proper game plan (A & B) ? probably not, so it must be down to the players simply not performing, until he has had sufficient time on the training ground with the entire squad when fit. He has to be given time, the rest of this season seems appropriate. But in that time, he must get 100% straight in his mind who has to go. For me, we have too many bang ordinary players who would not get into any other top 4 squad. The easy choices are Kepa, Caballero. Rudiger, Alonso, Christensen, Emerson, Dave (sorry but he is past his best) Jorginho and Ziyech (seems to have thrown the towel in already) Ship these out, and replace with new blood and players on loan like Gallagher, Guehi and RLC. I firmly believe that Werner, Havertz and Pulisic WILL come good and deliver, once Tuchel has devised a plan to get the best out of them.
  20. I just hope that we give Newcastle a real hiding. It seems ages since we really anihalated the oppo. Carabao cup doesn't count 😉 Lets be honest, they are absolute sh*te. We should be able to play the Ressies and beat this lot, although I expect Andy Carroll to get a couple. We MUST set up to go after the Barcodes from the first whistle, we must not waste this opportunity that Spuds, Everton, Villa, United, Liverpool have given us. Nothing less than an emphatic win will do, and I hope Tommy realises this.
  21. I posted the above 2 weeks ago and Unfortunately, last night I think I began to witness the beginning of the players losing interest in playing for Frank. I exempt Mount, Pulisic and CHO from that, but the rest of the side looked as though they couldn't give a monkeys. Really poor and we seem to have completely lost our way. We all know what happens next 😥
  22. My two penneth is that Frank must be given time. The only thing that would change this opinion is if I could see that the players had really stopped playing for him. They do look bloody lethargic, jaded etc etc but there is no evidence that this is the case and no rumours of unrest in the dressing room. We must back Frank to turn it round, by giving him the job The Club accepted his lack of experience and need to "learn on the job"
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