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  1. I can imagine he's feeling quite isolated at the moment. There is no link between the manager and board with Emenalo gone. He's also voiced his concerns about the way our team transfer business is conducted, waiting until the last minute to create pressured negotiations. Our transfer business has been strange since the Costa Fabregas window. I agree with most of what he's saying but this will only end one way...
  2. Apologies. Phrases like 'don't half stay upright for a long time' tend to throw me off. Especially when the discussion is about the comparative movement and space recognition of Morata v Michy.
  3. I honestly have no idea what you are on about but....ok.
  4. Arsenal giving it? So if Morata stood in a spot he would have had the same opportunities? Strikers like Morata, like Diego Costa, regularly create with their movement. It is one of the foundations of being a good/top striker. Michy's movement and space recognition is terrible. He has very good physical qualities but the former is very easily recognized by top coaches like Conte and it is why he doesn't get enough opportunities at Chelsea.
  5. Morata has missed one v ones that he helped create with good movement. If you really look at Michy's movement and decision-making not just today but since he arrived, he and Morata are worlds apart.
  6. I paid close attention to him today. There were so many occasions when he had oodles of space ahead of him, under no pressure and he plays a 5 yard pass back to a defender to make the forward pass. So the 96% is not surprising. If that's what he's going to offer then it's OK, but he shouldn't be starting for us and certainly not next to Kante. Kante's partner needs to be able to see the field, pick out passes as well do some dirty work. Over the last run we've seen time and again the opposition pressuring near our box and our inability to play out from the back and then invite further pressure. When your transition players are Kante, Bakayoko, Alonso and Moses - it is not surprising in the least.
  7. Luiz doesn't have the energy to get up and down. That's the sole reason for playing Bakayoko right now. At least two midfielders in the starting squad must be able to. If it's 343, both CMs must have the energy. If it's 352,that leaves Luiz and Fabregas vying for 1 spot. Most would go with Cesc in that regard.
  8. Agreed. For sure he's got room to grow and he definitely can drive the ball forward well and his movement at times has been quite good. But right now he is just too far behind what the club (targeting the title) needs. It should be said though, that the role Conte wanted for him was the right one - a squad player behind Kante+Matic(or Radja etc). And Conte told the press that for a reason - he wants the fans to know who to blame.
  9. That's something that could've been said even of someone like Pogba. But there's a big problem if a midfield player struggles to make a successful pass more than 5 yards.
  10. I bet his next tweet will be lit though.
  11. Apt comparison that. His strengths are driving forward with the ball, and I have to admit that he makes decent runs, getting into some good positions. In fact, his movement alone has contributed to a few goals already. But in every other facet of the game he is below average (for us). Kante is superior in all aspects which is a bit concerning.
  12. He's not up to the level right now. And what's even worse is that he starts ahead of Drinkwater, which shows how much Conte rates both. I'm all for him being loaned out asap but we're in desperate need of goal threats and creativity. We actually have too many squad-level players. The only ones with real quality - Hazard, Morata, Azpi, Courtois (maybe Christensen as well) - These guys need some help.
  13. Just 'bloody rotate them'? Great. So Conte, who has rightly come to the conclusion that we don't have the quality of midfield options to play two at the moment, has a choice of 3 fit options. He picks them. The defense must stay consistent, and with Moses still in recovery we are seeing the needed rotation at RB. Then he has to decide whether to play his best 2 attackers or go for inferior options. Again, going for right choice in my opinion, as I'd rather see the others start on Tuesday. The players are tired. His options are limited. He went for the right combination. I don't see the point in blaming Conte here.
  14. This. Never once while watching him have I thought - "Just like Viera!!" Good driving forward. Average in every other facet of the game. At least Matic was great defensively. Hell, I'd even take Mikel back for the rest of the season (something I'd never thought I would ever say).
  15. Your boss though, has the capability to dismiss you. Conte is essentially just a higher-ranked employee at the club. And that is without factoring-in the supposed understanding by all parties concerned, that Costa would leave in January.
  16. Bit of a stretch as it requires the plaintiff to prove intolerable work conditions. Not sure how that is possible from that text. Either way, his behaviour is disgusting.
  17. In that case why not let all the first team players dance around in their former clubs' shirts. At the very least it hampers the board in the current transfer negotiations...all disrespect aside.
  18. Added to that - he was partying in an Atletico shirt. The man has no sense about him. Thank you Antonio.
  19. And more on the right for Roma. So not that obvious but yes he can play anywhere across the back really. His versatility must be a major factor.
  20. Improvement in terms of style and being more suited to Cahill's position, yes. Not sure on class just yet. Azpi is quite perfect for his current position so I'm hoping rumours of us going in for Danilo start going into overdrive.
  21. The only thing shocking about that is offering a considered opinion on something that 'apparently, may be, a recreation' of what was said, without context.
  22. Bakayoko is still a big talent. But ultimately he offers what Matic does, though he is more of an athlete. As I've said, prefer someone who can do a bit of everything but weighted towards being great in the final third. We will be champions next season, so teams will shut up shop and we have more matches, and to see Hazard et al being supplied by Kante, Matic, Moses and Alonso is not good if you have aspirations to do well in Europe.
  23. Agreed. Would love to see him here. Nainggolan offers more in the final third than someone like Bakayoko. Which is really what we need.
  24. Mourinho was not lying about a team of 11 Azpilicuetas...
  25. We don't have to wait for Sanchez. Play Pedro there now and Willian on the right. Costa has had some great moments here but wow... Conte really has to try something else.
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