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  1. I'm sorry but Jorginho has hardly had a bad game. He's just not set the world alight and the team as a collective have been poor. I can't think of one mistake from him on the ball that has directly led to a goal. Bakayoko made errors every game and almost never snuffed out danger. What a pathetic thing to do to one of your own players. I was tremendously disappointed last night.
  2. That's an overstatement. As I've shown earlier, we are conceding at a similar rate to last year. We are definitely in a pretty bad patch right now though. If you were to turn back the clock on the last 4 league matches (including 5-0 huddersfield) then we were conceding 0.77 goals p/g vs Conte's 1 p/g. And that's Conte's 2nd year, with players used to that style of football. A couple of bad scorelines is not enough to suggest that Luiz and Rudiger have had bad seasons. They have both been decent, but not great - and certainly not terrible. The same goes for Azpi, Kante, Jorginho, Pedro, Kepa, Christensen. Which is about right if we're languishing around 5th. The reason I say Luiz is improved is that even Luiz at his peak, under this system, with this high defensive line, would have made many more errors than his doing now. He has largely been solid and winning most of his 1v1s. The same goes for Rudiger. I've seen more issues with the squad as a whole - the attackers not pressing properly, huge spaces between the lines etc. All of which I expected at the start of the season. The only players I think have truly let us down consistently are Willian and Alonso.
  3. Sure. Well, unless someone can convince them otherwise but that would entail a fully constructed, coherent discussion with two willing participants. Which is difficult when some prefer just popping off 4-worded rebuts.
  4. Signings under Sarri and Sarri signings are two different things. You know how this club works. Which one is Pulisic? Again you saying he was shipped out to accommodate Higuain rather than a push from the player or a because Morata was simply trash, does not make it true. And the club brought in Giroud just the season before. The club policy changed before Sarri's arrival. ''Morata is potentially a very good player. He has the characteristics for playing in my team, but one month ago he said he wanted to play for another team."
  5. I can guarantee you that those stats are as close as you will get to being relevant for topic at hand. There is no such thing as comparing apples to apples in football debate. Everything has a caveat. Those are official EPL stats only. 1. So you've decided Kovacic is his signing? Ok. All we know is he asked for another midfielder 'with a different profile'. The club gave him the convenient option (Courtois deal). And we signed a more experienced Ross Barkley. 2. Yes those academy wingers who become instant game changers at top clubs are so rare aren't they? 3. Jorginho, the newly signed Higuain, Kovacic (your claim) and who is the fourth? 4. He was brought here specifically to try to implement his system. I agree that for his own sake he has to tweak something. Conte was brought here to bring stability and attempt to play attacking football (Jose was confused by this very thing). Conte first tried 4-2-4 and 4-3-3. The board tolerated the change to defensive football because of results. When the results stopped, so did Conte. 5. Those sentences are in no way a contradiction. You don't seem to understand that the subjective bit is your perception of the players' lack of improvement. 6. Again, that is a matter of perspective but I agree. Except that the squad isn't good. It is unbalanced. They won a title on the back of having two good goalscorers and no real challengers (Pep/ Mourinho first season and Tottenham coming a close second should highlight this fact). Winning an unexpected title and not improving the squad is no foundation at all .
  6. Luiz (only 10 appearances last season in the league) has been good this season despite the high defensive line - which I never thought would be possible. Rudiger has been better than last season for me. Kante is better in the attacking third. Hazard is still on track to have his best goal-scoring season since he left Lille. The same with Pedro since he left Barca.
  7. So essentially you would like Sarri to turn a midfield of Kovacic, Jorginho, Kante, into goalscoring/goalcreating machines? Turn Willian into someone who can score more than 4 goals a season on average. Turn back the clock on Pedro. Make Alonso productive in the final third while still having the recovery pace and stamina to maintain our defensive solidity. Sarri vs Conte (last season) by the numbers (and bear in mind the kind of football we played under Conte, and the system): Sarri - 1.73 goals p/g. Conte - 1.63 goals p/g. Sarri - 1.1 goals conceded p/g. Conte - 1 goal conceded p/g. Sarri - 2.2 big chances created p/g. Conte - 1.6 big chances created p/g. That's essentially the same team - Jorginho, Kovacic, Moses and Cesc considered. The one team is only marginally worse in goals conceded despite changing formation and style, also not having players suited to the system. Both teams struggled with goals and I'll tell you what - even if you change the manager the team will continue to struggle for goals. You can give Pep this squad and we'd be in the same position with a slim chance of being more solid defensively. You might not be able to 'think of a single thing that we do better under Sarri' but that's by nature subjective. And as I've said before, Sarri is not the end game. The end game is to play good, attacking football ; with a good squad ; and with the right structure at the club.
  8. This. Whatever you think of Sarri, Sarriball, his naivety etc - he would have had time if the team had goals. Even that injury-hampered United team on Monday had 4 proven goalscorers and 2 proven creators. Our best XI has 2 goalscorers (1 of which is brand new to the league) and 1 creator. It's not going to matter whether you move Kante deeper, revert to an old system, or submit your soul to satan himself. The only difference will be giving up control of the game and being slightly more defensively solid. Do I think Sarri is the perfect man for the job? No. But as long as we are not languishing near the relegation zone a la Jose mk.2, I think any manager should at the very least be given a full season. And as I've said before - If the club's philosophy matches the manager's (as we've been told), then we should be getting players to fit his system regardless. People also seem to forget that Sarri has been in this situation before, with the fans on his back as well. ADL backed him regardless and it eventually bore fruit.
  9. 'Easily WOULD have' ? Nice crystal ball you have there.
  10. Agreed but Sarri-ball is not the end-game, it's the start. We want to see a similar philosophy. The club, for all intents and purposes, want to see it as well. I'm sure that factored into the decision to sack Conte. I absolutely want to see Sarri carry-out his vision and at the same time I believe he isn't the perfect fit for us. But we have to start the build somewhere.
  11. Perfect scenario for us then. Rebuild with Jorginho, Higuain, Kante , Azpi, Rudiger, Kepa and the youngsters.
  12. Look, you can spew any rubbish you want to - free speech and all that, but if you do, don't quote me.
  13. And that's what the OP is saying really. Kante has made his name as a box to box midfielder in a 2-man midfield. There is no such position in Sarri's system. Some fools want him to replace Jorginho. And yet if they can open their eyes and count the number of over-weighted, under-w eighted and misplaced passes he makes, they can see for themselves exactly why Sarri won't consider him for that role. Teams ignore our right side of Kante and Azpi for a reason.
  14. You sure are making strange inferences from my words. No I don't think he has the same defensive presence as Fernandinho and nowhere did I say that. And seeing as your first sentence makes no sense, the follow-up is nonsensical as well. Anyway, I think we can all agree Jorginho has been targeted specifically in recent months - as a way for opponents to stifle our play. And yet he still has a +90% pass rate. Which is strange for a player who, as you say, 'turns over possession easily when closed down'. And again I'm not comparing Jorginho to Fabregas. And it would be pointless anyway as they don't naturally play in the same position. You think Luiz is a more creative and versatile passer than Jorginho? Well that's painfully obvious so well done on taking that leap. I'm not sure what that has to do with anything. Unless you are saying Luiz should be playing the regista position which is ridiculous. Look, at the end of the day you'll 'see' whatever it is you want to see. Some people will see someone like Andres Iniesta for the absolute magician he was and some people will see an advanced midfielder who hardly scored or assisted at all...
  15. A regista doesn't necessarily need pace or dribbling skills. And even being a lightweight he is still contributing defensively and is not far off Fernandinho statistically. What is he you ask? A regista, more than any other position on the field, is nothing without a functioning team. If the players around him are static, he can't pass. If they struggle to pass the ball or create space for him to operate, he can't receive the ball. I have watched every match that Jorginho has played, with an intense focus on him specifically because I'm fascinated by his position on the field. And I have almost never thought he's had bad game. Same with Rudiger. Azpi and Kante. Like the rest, his effect had been increasingly marginalised because of the performance of the team as a whole. You see simple passes over short distances. I see someone who thinks as quick as Fabregas when he receives the ball. I see someone who has covered more ground than literally every other player in the league, to get into good receiving positions and attempt to keep our play as fluid as possible. And I've seen someone who hasn't yet come to terms with the league and has been suffering a bit lately because of the added pressure. When/if we see the team functioning how Sarri wants, I think the average fan will begin to appreciate his skillset a bit more.
  16. It's difficult to have a considerable midfield presence when the number 1 tactic against your team is to mark you out of the game. He is not a forward where you are free to move around to counter being marked. Considering everything he's had an ok start. Not great, not terrible. I think he would be a boss in that City team.
  17. Of course. And I'm sure that was why Pep was remonstrating on the touchline to get them to push harder and control the game when we had the ball.
  18. Easy to make those arguments in the hindsight of a drubbing (Sunday stroll - never got out of 2nd gear). They went full tilt from minute 1.
  19. The problem we have is that there are two clubs ahead of us right now who are combining style WITH substance. Both Liverpool and Man City have a built identity. So if we go back to the old Chelsea all we'll do is a) lose hazard and b) play defensive football with good players and hopefully sneak a title or two with a lot of luck. Conte's Chelsea would have only lost that game 2-0 and have not even 1 min of controlling the game. As strange as it sounds, there were actually periods in the 6-0 drubbing where City were being outplayed. I notice that more than anything. And I want more of it. And I want the club to make that happen. Just out of curiosity - What changes would you like him to make?
  20. He would 100% be starting over Fernandinho and they wanted him for that purpose.
  21. Sure, but he was forced to and he most likely had a different mandate to Sarri. People seem to think that Sarri hasn't tried anything - He's tried switching strikers, playing with a false 9, playing Kante closer to Jorginho, changing fullbacks and bringing on Emerson as a left-wing to see a match out. And benching Aguero? Sarri benched Morata, but it doesn't help if the next in line is Giroud. It is easier to change when you've got the players who are able to do it. So let's see what Pep had to work with in his first season vs Sarri - 1. A team with recent history of playing good, attacking football. 4-3-3. 2. Aguero - scored the same amount of goals as Costa in that season at a better rate than Costa. 3. Brought in backup striker who could score in Jan. 4. Silva, KDB, Toure, Fernandinho - 4 midfielders suited to Pep's style, already have PL experience and have a combination of creativity and goals. 5. Not the greatest but an experienced backline of Zabaleta, Kolorov, Kompany, Sagna, Otamendi and he added Stones. Sarri: 1. Hazard. Best player in the league and suited to his football but also has consistency issues. 2. Had to bring in Jorginho to make his system viable. Jorginho is new to the league and needs time to settle, unlike the key elements of Pep's system in his first season. 3. No goals from the midfield. Also a lack of creativity. Kovacic (who I really like) was a Madrid sub for a reason despite having great technique. Of Kovacic, Kante, Jorginho, Drinkwater, Barkley, Cesc and Ruben; the only one who would challenge for a starting berth at City is Jorginho. 4. Strikers who can't score. Went into the season HOPING Morata would change. 5. A left-back who is ill-suited to the formation, can't defend and has no recovery pace. 6. The most important difference? No structure around Sarri to allow him to fully implement his ideas. We are all kind of just hoping he and the board are on the same page. A few weeks into the new season I realised this was going to be a patchy season. Now we are seeing the worst and I am fine with it because ,considering all of the above points, I expected it. I just hope the board expected it as well and will allow him to work. Depending on what they decide to do, we will see if all they wanted was some pretty football for a bit or if they're truly wanting to change the identity of the club (and just maybe hold on to Hazard in doing so).
  22. Meanwhile, it's still possible to win 3 trophies and get into the top 4.
  23. I find it extremely strange that you think Sarri has 'no idea' because the players aren't pressing properly, when he comes out and literally says the players aren't doing it the way he wants. For whatever reason you think this is the football he wants to play?!!!! You call him a fraud but he's just a man with a philosophy (which the club hired him to implement) not suited to the players he has at his disposal and yet is still in the running to meet his season targets. There are frauds on the board - a structual fraud, fraud fans to go with that who similarly don't care about the long term success of the club, and I for one am tired of the yoyo-ing. I've enjoyed parts of our football this season more than I've ever enjoyed it under Conte. Sure a surprise title helped paper over the cracks but it seems that this is what some clueless fans want - 1. We've got the players suited to mediocre, counter-attacking football 2. Sack Sarri and employ someone who will boost/stabilise results all while playing uninspiring football. 3. The fans/board/press will tolerate this for a while because we'll sneak some decent results. 4. Hazard will absolutely leave because he doesn't want to play that football anymore. 5. Eventually the new manager will be under real pressure because now he's going through a bad patch AND playing sh*t football. Unacceptable. Sacked. 6. Rinse and repeat. And having no faith in managers and no long term plan will keep the youth at bay so we'll probably lose Mount along with CHO anyway.
  24. Not surprising. The amount of times I saw him ambling around next to Higuain.... And I barely saw him make a sprint. Anyhoo, I'm sure no reasonable fan expected smooth sailing, especially when looking at the personnel he has available. No goals (club gambled on Morata). Lack of creativity throughout the team. Best fullbacks are a defensive right-back and one who can't defend on the left. No backup for Jorginho. Fans clamouring for youth when the seniors don't even know the system yet. Conte tried a more aggressive 4-2-4 initially and we were in trouble. He fell back after it failed to work and he could do this because he had - Terry at the club ; A world class striker in Costa ; a team full of experienced heads who could 'dig in' better than they could play expansive football. People want Sarri to have a plan B but how radical could that change be with the current bench options? I really hope he gets the backing he deserves.
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