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L*verpool vs the Arse


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Half time, Pool all over, all over them, but 1-0 down. Sadly can't see them not scoring though if the second half continues like this.

Starfish in the studio with Keyes and Co, and being a sour faced little tw*t as usual. The replays show that the Arse goal was clearly, easily onside, and yet he pipes up with 'well for me it's debatable.' He also said that the lino was brave to allow it in front of the Kop. No, he was right to allow it, because it was onside. Sad, bitter little man.

Come on Arsenal? Urgh.

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2-1 Liverpool

Can anyone tell me how the f**k Arsenal are in the Champs League Semi's, they are sh*t!

Liverpool were absolutely hopeless in the league during the the season they last won the Champions League...it doesn't make much sense

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As much as defending Arsenal goes against my better judgement you do have to recongise that they are missing the majority of their defence and also both their main strikers. If we were missing the equivalent players we would struggle badly.

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