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Parent filter software query


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Mini Loz is becoming a little too familiar with the net so it time I installed filtering software to make sure he visits SuperMario.com and not SuperXXXMarian.com

Anyone know if there any good free products out there or is it time to dip my hand in my pocket and buy some.

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youve got no chance Loz, if he knows his way round a pc then he will find a way past it. as space says, it will become a challenge. it might be easier for you to let him have his freedom of the net but point out you can find out what hes been looking at. much more worrying for mini loz.

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If you have a decent router you should be able to use that from within its control panel, I have a netgear max and am able to do loads of tricks.

I have 3 PC's in the house, my netbook, my desktop, and the main house desktop.

In the control panel I'm able to restrict my network to an ip range of only 3 ip's, / /

Each PC is assigned a reserved ip.

Once this is done I can restrict the internet access to each ip individually, you can either do a keyword block, simply enter the keyword in the box 'sex', select which ip's to restrict, once done the pc wont be able to connect to websites with the word sex in the address. You can have an endless list of keywords, so you can block a mulitutude of sites. You can also block specific websites, simply enter the url's in a list.

Its the best way I have found of having some decent rliable netwrok control without paying for other software.

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I wouldn't worry about it too much Loz. If you have safesearch on google then that will stop him accidentally getting the wrong type of results. Once he starts actively looking then you've got no chance. You'll know when that starts because he'll start browsing in private mode and clearing the history when he's finished.

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