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Mutu has failed another drugs test

The Brit
Eton Blue at the Chelsea Megastore

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Jesus, nothing to say. Except what a waste of talent and potential.

addiction may be addiction but from what I recall of his time here getting help and facing his problems isnt exactly high on his list of priorities

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ha ha- what a strange individual he is... How can you be a footballer on diet pills? You play 5 hours sport a day... what is he eating?! He would need to spend the rest of the time at McDonald's. In any case- another lovely type is coming in to replace him perhaps- Cassano :D :D :D

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This one had nothing to do with coke.... hes got tested positive on dieting pills.

true, easy to jump to conclusions, given his previous record - but at 31 maybe he does have a weight balance issue, even with the training involved

might be that he's simply taken bad advise, and bad treatments in complete innocence.

Stupid he may be, but not knowing the full story yet, a 4 year ban sounds a bit harsh.

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Notice the change of emphasis in this report?

Chelsea want Adrian Mutu's houses in £15m contract row

Chelsea have launched a court battle in America to seize three luxury properties owned by former striker Adrian Mutu as they chase him for £14.6million over breach of contract.

Mutu, 31, was booted out of the Barclays Premier League club after testing positive for cocaine in 2004.

Earlier this year he lost his final appeal and was ordered to pay the amount by a Swiss court. He has yet to make a payment.


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"We are no longer accepting comments on this article."

What article? :laugh2: Them calling them "luxury houses" and pluralizing them surely makes him seem just like a deadbeat. The club should take these things from him, sell them, and give the proceeds to charity. In fact, amid all the bad press, I have never understood why the club dont make more of a public do out of their charitable donations.

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