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Hello from the land of rugby league

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As the name suggests I've been a blue for a long long time. I live in St Helens between the slums of liverpool and manchester.

The last semi I went was the 5:1 win over Watford when I was 13... just got ticket for saturday looking forward to Wembley..

If it was R.League at Wembley I'd have a few scoops in the Greyhound or JJ Moons...... Any advice on football protocol welcomed

I was a bit young for the beer last time

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Welcome matey from a fellow RL fan, though of a slightly smaller team than Saints. Im a Workington Town fan though my Dad and sister are massive saints fans and ive been to Knowsley road many times. Ive Also spent a few pre wembley hours in JJ Moons over the years, superb weekends the challenge cup final ones.

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