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83rd Annual Academy Awards

The Moos

Who Should win?  

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  1. 1. Best Motion Picture of the Year

    • 127 Hours
    • Black Swan
    • The Fighter
    • Inception
    • The Kids Are All Right
    • The King's Speech
    • The Social Network
    • Toy Story 3
    • True Grit
    • Winter's Bone
  2. 2. Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role

    • Javier Bardem - Biutiful
    • Jeff Bridges - True Grit
    • Jesse Eisenberg - The Social Network
    • Colin Firth - The King's Speech
    • James Franco - 127 Hours
  3. 3. Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role

    • Annette Bening - The Kids Are All Right
    • Nicole Kidman - Rabbit Hole
    • Jennifer Lawrence - Winter's Bone
    • Natalie Portman - Black Swan
    • Michelle Williams - Blue Valentine
  4. 4. Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role

    • Christian Bale - The Fighter
    • John Hawkes - Winter's Bone
    • Jeremy Renner - The Town
    • Mark Ruffalo - The Kids Are All Right
    • Geoffrey Rush - The King's Speech
  5. 5. Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role

    • Amy Adams - The Fighter
    • Helena Bonham Carter - The King's Speech
    • Melissa Leo - The Fighter
    • Hailee Steinfeld - True Grit
    • Jacki Weaver - Animal Kingdom
  6. 6. Best Animated Feature Film of the Year

    • How To Train Your Dragon
    • L'illusionniste
    • Toy Story 3
  7. 7. Best Achievement in Directing

    • Darren Aronofsky - Black Swan
    • Ethan Coen, Joel Coen - True Grit
    • David Fincher - The Social Network
    • Tom Hooper - The King's Speech
    • David O. Russell - The Fighter

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Finally it's time for one of the biggest nights for all movie lovers out there - the Academy Awards!

On sunday we will find out who takes home that golden little dude and cry as they accept it on stage in front of oh so many movie stars. We will see men in black tuxedos and women in fabulous (and not so fabulous) dresses.

The King's Speech is nominated in 12 categories and should take home a few, but they have tough competition from movies like Black Swan, The Social Network and The Fighter.

And let's not forget True Grit who has the 2nd most nominations. 10 chances to take home the Oscar, but will they manage to win a single one? They're hardly favourites in any category. But we all know that things change quickly.

Anyway, I would like to know who you think should win. Vote for the ones you want to be victorious above in the poll and if you want to you can also write here who you think will win. Let's face it, who we want to win and who we think will win are two different things.

Besides, not all of us have seen all the movies, so it's not easy to judge things we haven't seen.

Let the Oscar talk begin!

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Finally someone who has a similar love of the Oscars to my own!

This year I've actually gone out of my way to try and watch all 10 nominated Best Picture films, but with 3 days left I've yet to watch True Grit, The Fighter, The Kids Are All Right and Winter's Bone so it will be a close run thing, but at the moment I want:

Black Swan for Best Picture. I started watching it thinking I wouldn't enjoy it too much, I was more intrigued by it, because I'd heard from people who had seen it that it was "insane" and "messed up". And considering it's effectively a film about ballet to the outsider (when you finish it, however, you realise it's definitely NOT a ballet film!) I didn't have high hopes. After it finished, I was absolutely blown away by it. I loved every second of it. From the way it's directed, the lighting, the attention to detail, the acting, it's very nearly the (well, my) perfect film. However, though I haven't seen it and I'll come back to clarify a decision after I've seen it, but I do think The Fighter might pull up a shock victory on this one because of all the things I've heard about it. We'll have to see. I don't think The Social Network should be counted out either, thinking about it, another film I absolutely adored.

Colin Firth is nearly definitely going to win this one, let's face facts, but for me James Franco shouldn't be counted out and should win it. Franco managed to carry a pretty much 2 hour film almost entirely on his own with the most of the film in a cave, with him rambling to his slowly dying camera, fighting off a cloud of insanity that gradually sets in and grows stronger. You can see with every passing minute in the film, Ralston (the character) is slowly giving up trying to get out, until one surge of positive insanity leads him to cutting his own arm off, easily the most important decision Ralston himself has ever made. Having said that, one has to think that Ryan Reynolds for Buried missed out too, seen as the basic idea are both very similar, except that Franco is helped out slightly by short scenes from Ralston's past - in Buried, Reynolds is literally on his own for the entire film, only talking to people on the phone and seeing one person via a video through his phone for quite literally a few seconds. Reynolds's performance isn't quite as remarkable as Franco's because Buried is more a pure survival story, compared to Franco battling off his own mental demons.

Natalie Portman for Best Actress. Hands down my favourite and a clear favourite in general, her performance is remarkable. It seems Oscar likes his mental problems in performances, and Portman's is exceptional. Her transfer from this image of perfection (her White Swan) to a more let loose, free Black Swan is unbelievable.

Supporting Actor, for me, should go to Geoffrey Rush in The King's Speech. I thought he was the strongest point of the film if you ask me, the way he held Firth's Bertie together at his weakest moments is amazing, how he stays calm when it would be so much easier to just scream back at the incredibly frustrated King. I did not enjoy King's Speech as much as I should've, but I can appreciate a good performance when I see one, and Rush's is exactly that.

Supporting Actress is a bit more of a challenge for me to choose because I've only seen the always fantastic Helena Bonham Carter performance (but in The King's Speech I didn't really get that blown away by her performance, it was good definitely, but Oscar worthy is another matter entirely. I'll have to skip this one for now, but I can see myself wanting Amy Adams to win it, we'll see.

Animated - Toy Story 3. Without a shadow of a doubt. Normally sequels to films are never as good as the original, but somehow, Pixar actually made 2 better than 1, and then somehow made 3 better than 2. Absolutely remarkable. Any film that can reduce and 18 year old to near tears is good enough to win in my book. I think I loved this even more because I actually grew up with the film, I saw the first one in the cinema when I was 3, and relived it an incredible amount of times since, I saw 2 in the cinema when I was 7 (this one I can actually remember going to the cinema to see, because it was one of the few occasions my Dad came along to watch a film in the cinema with us as a family) and waited 11 years for the conclusion to one of, if not the, best trilogy of all time, alongside Lord of the Rings and Back To The Future (for me, anyway).

As mentioned earlier, I think Darren Aronofsky should walk away with this one, simply for his attention to detail when making it (I love the mirrors in every single scene, for example), the clothing choice, and his over-the-shoulder filming technique as seen in his other fantastic sports epic The Wrestler suits the films dark tone perfectly. The use of one camera for the most high-tempo scenes putting you right into the action. Plus, I loved how the shots in the film were either very in your face, right up close to the actors, or far away, looking down or in on a scene (the arguments between Nina (Portman) and Thomas (portrayed incredibly well by Vincent Cassell are up close, and when he storms out, we cut to a distance shot of her on her own in a ballet studio, completely surrounded by mirrors). Definite contendor. David Fincher won the BAFTA for this one and though I did love The Social Network, I didn't see too much direction in comparison to Black Swan or The King's Speech. One thing I will note though is why isn't Christopher Nolan nominated for this one AT ALL? To quote my favourite film critic Mark Kermode, "Inception is the MOST directed film of the year" and he's absolutey right. Every shot is absolutely key to the story (how difficult it is to see Cobb's ring finger for example (people who've seen it will know what I mean as to how important it is)). Oscar missed a trick on that one.

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Interesting views and I even agree in some of the cases.

First of all, of the movies you have left to see I think "The Fighter" is the most important one since I believe that one has the most chances of winning anything. I think Bale and Leo will win for that one.

Winter's Bone should be 2nd choice. Not sure if it will win anything, but it really should. In my oppinion it is perhaps one of the best movies I've seen this year (or the past 10 years).

Unfortunately it has tough competition. It's nominated for best movie and I don't think it will beat The King's Speech or The Social Network. The it has two acting nominations. Jennifer Lawrence for best actress in a leading role, but I think we all expect Natalie Portman to win that one. Anything else would be a huge surprise. John Hawkes is nominated for best actor in a supporting role and even though he's great (he usually is - too bad he don't get roles in bigger movies) I can't see him beat Christian Bale or Geoffrey Rush. If the first one don't win it (which he probably will), the latter will.

Winter's Bone is also nominated for best adapted script (think it can be called that) and I doubt it will win this one as well. This might be its biggest chance to win anything, but with all the hype over The Social Network I fully expect Aaron Sorkin to win. Hope I'm wrong though, because Winter's Bone really deserves to win atleast one award.

Then you perhaps should see True Grit. Mainly because it has the 2nd most nominations. However, even though movies made by the Coen brothers usually wins awards I really can't see True Grit taking home many awards.

In fact - and I have said this many times before - it could actually end up with zero wins.

The movie is good, but not good enough. Jeff Bridges was good, but he wont beat James Franco or Colin Firth.

Hailee Steinfeld was impressive, but should not be able to beat Melissa Leo or perhaps Helena Bonham Carter and Amy Adams.

And as for "Best Movie", well I would probably not even put True Grit in the top 5. And if it manages to win it, beating The Social Network, The King's Speech and Winter's Bone (just to name three) it would be a real shock and also very unfair.

Finally you can see The Kids Are All Right. I liked it, but it won't win many awards. Really good acting in it though.

Anyway, time to comment on your choices :)

Black Swan for Best Picture?

- Fine by me. I would atleast put it before The Social Network. My top 3 would be Black Swan, The King's Speech and Winter's Bone. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for The King's Speech, but if Black Swan wins it I won't be too sad. As long as The Social Network doesn't win. It wasn't a bad movie, but I really can't see the greatness of it. Perhaps so many thought it would suck (I think most did) and when it turned out to be kinda good it was hailed as a brilliant movie.

Black Swan looked interesting when I saw the trailer, but I wasn't sure if I would like it. However, when I saw it I loved it. A bit freaky, but also very, very good. It also appeals to both women and men. Women because it's a beautiful movie and a very sad story - men because it has Portman and Kunis making out.

James Franco as best actor?

- Can't deny his performance took me by surprise. I've always seen him as a good actor, but nothing spectacular. In 127 Hours however he was great. As you say, it's impressive how a single actor can carry a movie.

I still feel Colin Firth was slightly better though. It's two different kind of roles and both actors did them extremely well.

But it would be kinda interesting if Franco as a host would also win the Oscar. If I know my Oscar history that hasn't happened before. I wonder how hard it will be for him to focus on being the host at the same time as knowing he's up for an award. Perhaps it's lucky that award is handed out late, because if he would lose at the start of the award show he might not be the happiest of hosts ;)

Natalie Portman as best actress?

- Well we both agree on that one and unless hell freezes over we will both get what we want. So not point for me commenting on your choice.

Geoffrey Rush as best supporting actor?

- He definitely has a chance. I think it will be between Rush and Bale. Jeremy Renner was good in The Town, Mark Ruffalo was good in The Kids Are All Right and John Hawkes was great in Winter's Bone, but Rush and Bale was a bit better.

And honestly, I find it hard picking between those two. Christian Bale had perhaps a slightly more complex part in The Fighter than Rush had in The King's Speech. I think a lesser actor could have made Bales part unintentionally funny or ridiculous. Bale managed to not overact (or underact - if that is a word). And I'm always impressed just how much Bale can change between different movies. He really changes his entire body so that it's perfect for each part.

I loved The King's Speech so I will be happy if Geoffrey Rush wins, but Christian Bale was, to me, marginally better.

Supporting Actress?

- I think you should see The Fighter before you make up your mind. Amy Adams was really good in that one (isn't she always really good?), but Melissa Leo was absolutely perfect as the mother.

Best Animated Picture?

- We both agree on this one as well. Toy Story 3 was really good and the fact that it's nominated for Best Picture as well says alot. I know some even think it should win for Best Picture. Not always we see a sequel being so good.

I have to say though that I really liked How To Train Your Dragon. It was better than I had expected and it was nice to finally see an animated picture that doesn't end 100% well.

As for the third option - L'illusionniste - I haven't seen it yet. All I know is that the same guy who made it also made The Triplettes Of Belleville which was also nominated for an Oscar but lost out to Finding Nemo. Haven't seen "Triplettes" either, but I've caught a glimps of it on the telly a few times and it didn't strike me a movie I would love. It's not exactly mainstream. Visually it looks interesting though.

Darren Aronofsky for Best Directing?

- Well if Hooper can't win for The King's Speech then I really hope Aronofsky does. It's between those two for me. I guess Fincher will win for The Social Network, but I think Aronofsky and Hooper did a better job.

Aronofsky really do deserve the Oscar. He did an excellent job on Black Swan. Perhaps I'm picking Hooper ahead of him just because I loved The King's Speech.

I agree about Christopher Nolan though. He deserved to be nominated as well - though out of the five nominated, who should be replaced?

Inception was a great movie and he did a wondeful job creating it. Luckily he's nominated for the script anyway. Though something tells me he won't win that one.

Inception will have to focus on the sound, cinematography and effects awards instead. It should have a good chance at snagging a couple of them atleast.

I think that's all I have to say :rolleyes:

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I've seen everything besides 127 Hours and The King's Speech, although I reckon the latter will win Best Picture and Firth takes home Best Actor.

Some Random Thoughts:

- I really was underwhelmed by The Kids Are All Right, started off promising but just never really got to the level I thought it would.

- Loved Winter's Bone, thought when I saw it (and going off all the festival accolades it had) that it could be like The Hurt Locker and be a smaller film that wins Best Picture, but that obviously won't happen now.

- I think this is my favorite Best Supporting Actor race ever, big fan of all 5 of those guys, although I think Bale should and will win.

- Leo for Best Supporting (deserved), Portman for Best Actress (deserved, but also a lack of competition, Benning should not win).

- Probably one of the better years for documentaries too, no idea who is going to win that one, although pulling for Exit Through the Gift Shop just to see what Banksy does.

Edit: Oh and yeah, didn't think True Grit was amazing either.

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I don't give a monkey's about who wins, as long I get plenty of drooling time with Colin Firth :drool: ::WoWSeXy::

Well we can't have you waiting until sunday. When a woman is in need, she shall have her needs fulfilled at once!


And of course we have to have one where he plays the best part ever!


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where's ricky gervais...anne hathaway and james franco are stinking the place out

I didn't think Hathaway was that bad actually. The script they had really sucked and they had barely no space to be funny. She seemed relaxed and funny anyway.

Franco however was stiff as a board and about as funny as being hit on the head by one.

But I think there's a logical explanation for it. I think that he was extremely nervous, not perhaps for being the host, but for being nominated for "Best Actor". Efter he had lost to Colin Firth he did actually seem more relaxed. Perhaps he could have done a better job if he had lost earlier.

Would have liked to have seen Gervais there though. Melissa Leos "F*cking" would have been the least of their problems :D

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some of her lines were cringe worthy...like the one about breathing the same air as Oprah Winfrey? that was not her fault of course, but her constant girly enthusiasm was a bit fake...she introduced people as if she had never seen them or been there before.

the only thing she did well for me was look fit...franco had no excuse...he knew he'd lost as firth had won everything leading up to it and was strong favourite.

This was the oscars at its worst, very sugar sweet...the kids singing at the end had me barfing...another example of Hollywood or should I say the Film Actors Guild taking themselves far too seriously...that's what was so brilliant about Gervais ripping them apart at the Golden Globes

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