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Essien being sued by father

Tea Bar Boy

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Chelsea star Michael Essien is at the centre of a bizarre legal wrangle with his father.

The Ghanain powerhouse is being sued by James Essien who does not want the footballer to use his family name as he does not recognise him as his son with the pair not having had any contact for a decade.

Essien Snr told The Sun: "I will take Michael to court to get him to stop using the Essien name. I have a lawyer who wants to help me achieve this aim.

"If we achieve my aim then everyone will know he is no longer my son.

"The name has blessings on it and that's why he has been a great player."

Source : http://www.sportingo.com/football/a19269_chelsea-star-being-sued-by-his-own-father

Bizarre Random News Story ?

Do you think the Shed end could sponsor him and he would change his name to Michael Shedend ?

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hahah poor essien

First a girl who claims he was wed to her in her living room infront of her family .... now a father who wants to sue him for using his surname name.....

If James is so worried about who is touting his surname, perhaps he would be better served keeping a certain body part in his pants.... or at the very least, wrapped up.

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OK, it appears it's not total invention - what a pity, I never like to miss a chance to despise that contemptible does-not-even-merit- the name-of-comic scandal-spewing organ that Rupert Murdoch saddled the UK with.

Here is a much more plausible version of the story from GhanaWeb.


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