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Player Ratings v Valencia

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Cech 9/10 I'm giving him a nine. He made big saves in a big game. He was actually busier than their keeper. He was calm and confident and assured. Right from the off. Good to see.

Ivanovic 8/10 When God invented defenders he had this in mind. He's hard as nails, he doesn't take any nonsense, and .. well that's that really.

Ashley 7/10 Bit sloppy in the first-half. Played well overall. Not the player he was for me. Obviously under instruction not to go forward and obeyed that instruction to the letter.

Luiz 8/10 "Responsible" is the key word here. If he wants to learn to defend he has the perfect partner alongside him. Didn't put a foot wrong today. Seen bossing teammates around him at a free-kick, which we were defending. That's what we like.

Terry 9/10 Imperious.

Oriol 10/10 It's a ten from me folks and if any of you argue you're off my christmas card list. I heard a rumour Makelele used to play the "Oriol role". Yet to be confirmed.

Ramires 8/10 I love him. I started loving him last season and that love only grows. It's a real bonafide love story.

Mereiles 7/10 He's a grafter, he's intelligent, he's efficient and he plays for the team. Would I prefer Modric? Yes I would. We would benefit from having someone alongside Oriol and Ramires that can actually set the tempo and control the play a little bit, but in the meantime, this guy will do. Justified his selection.

Drogba 9/10 A. Big. Game. Player. Always has been always will be. The first thing a manager has to do at Chelsea is get this guy onside, because if he is, you have a monster on your hands. Not just in terms of ability but also mentality. He was once the most perfect specimen in the world (apart from my good lady wife). He has lost some strength and speed but there were signs tonight .. signs of the Drogba of old. Appetite. It's all about appetite with him and he's got it back. Well done AVB.

Sturridge 8/10 I'm giving him an eight but not his best game. Still, we sat back and countered after the first goal and that wouldn't have been possible without Sturridge. He gives us an outlet and he poses a threat, meaning opponents are never allowed to relax. Was disciplined in defence which he hasn't always been.

Mata .. Is it an eight or a nine? You decide. He is the world's worst defender but at least he tries. He could do with some speed and strength but apart from that, we have a gem on our hands and a player we badly needed. He, Sturridge and Drogba are forming an understanding and they seem to be enjoying themselves. Long may it last.

Subs ..

Mikel 7/10 I found it a strange substitution but it seemed to work. The pressure relented after he came on.

Torres 7/10 Didn't really feature but I'm feeling kind.

Malouda 7/10 Sevens all round. Like Mikel, he'll be looking at the guy who's replaced him and realising he better buck his ideas up. If you want to play for Chelsea you have to do more and I commend AVB for making the right calls, not all of them easy.

The manager ..

AVB 9/10 I'll give him a nine but only because I don't want to take the gloss off Oriol. Bared his teeth with his treatment of Lampard and it's good to see. No-one is going to make his decisions for him. He looks like a tough guy, not afraid to make the calls, and the more I see him the more I warm to him. He was under pressure but he had clarity of thought, and that's a good sign and bodes well for the future. No way would Carlo have fielded Oriol in this game. Well done AVB, have a drink .. oops I forgot .. you're too young .. never mind.

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Good ratings Davey with the exception of the 10. I can't see how anyone can get a higher score than Drogba tonight. Anyway Christmas cards are for girls.

As for Mata I'll decide on an 8. All other ratings and comments are spot on.

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I thought Oriol wasn't as assured in the first half as he's been for us so far. He improved in the second half and picked some pockets pretty nicely. For me the best player on the night was Luiz simply because he was nothing of the nerve-wrecking kind he always is when he goes out on the pitch.

Agree with other ratings and comments.

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Cech 9 Made some good saves when needed in a big match

Ivan 8.5 Great defender, lives to defend

Ashley 8 Played left back for the first time in years (i.e defended)

Luiz 8.5 Solid, made no silly errors

JT 9 Our captain, our leader, our insperation!! Theirs only 1 England captain

Romeu 8.5 Did exactly what was asked of him grew into the game!

Ramires 8 Scored and ran the midfield plus made it look easy!

Merieles 8 With Ramires ran the midfield, could of had a couple of goals if he had been picked out!

Studge 8 would of got a 9 if he had passed instead of shooting, brilliant display of attacking with pace!

Mata 8.5 Busy all night played some great passes!

Drogba 9.5 The man was back to his monsterous best, this was the Drogs that defenders hate!!

Subs Mikel 7- Effective Torres 7- Busy Malouda 5- Pointless!

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Perfect ratings! maybe you can change 10 and 9 from drogba and romeu.But I can understand why you give romeu the highest score,without him we had a lot of problems I guess.

Only malouda was overated,malouda is rubish his good moment that only had a duration of a few months is not coming back.So bye bye malouda,thanks for the good period you had.

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Two things ..

1. Oriol keeps Mikel out and that always earns a bonus point.

2. No christmas cards for you lot.

I think you had it bang on with Oriol.

But Drogba looses a point based on only playing like that when he can be arsed and being so infuriating.

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