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Who will be relegated?


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I have said QPR and Wigan will go all along but am unsure about the 3rd team. In June I thought it would be Sunderland but now I think they'll be okay. I don't think Blackburn will go either so for me it's looking like Bolton could go as well.

I've had my fair share of run in's with QPR fans that have called be deluded for suggesting they will go down, my reasons for this is bar the cup final lottery win they have failed to win any of their him home games, you can't stay up like that, Blackpool tried and failed.

Norwich and Swansea have impressed me hugely, they've had much harder games yet are still above QPR, Blackburn and Bolton etc.

I really like Rodgers and wish him the best up there, really admire the way Swansea play football and I said all along it would be difficult for teams to travel up to Wales and win there. we could learn from them on how to keep clean sheets at home. Norwich are the same.

QPR, Bolton and Wigan to go IMO.

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You really think Bolton will go down?

At this moment yeah, if they sell Cahill and others guys get unsetlled and want to go they could have major problems.

I can see them sacking Coyle if things dont improve and they could still stay crap even with a new manager.

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