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  1. If you're on Twitter, check this fella out. He's posting some cracking pictures up https://twitter.com/NTilt
  2. It's best for both player and club that he leaves in the Summer, but what club is going to buy him? He's on massive wages and surely the club is looking for a decent fee. I'm almost hoping QPR stay up and Redknapp persuades Fernandez to break their piggy bank for him.
  3. Geoff Hurst was actually a decent cricketer. He played 2nd XI cricket for Essex, may even have played the odd 1st XI game
  4. We probably got better value for money from Winston Bogarde
  5. It's getting painful to watch now. We may as well play with 10 men for all Torres contributes to the team.
  6. For whatever reason it just hasn't worked out for player or club. We need to get rid of him, take a huge hit on the fee we paid and move on.
  7. They were great, the lad on tenor sax was a star.
  8. Off to see The Skatalites in Leeds tomorrow night and bore everyone to death with my Munich tales
  9. The 'ordinary to Chelsea' was painted on a wall outside Lime Street station. A 'call to arms' for all Scousers, so to speak. You're right that it appeared for the following season's fixture after the Kensington ambush and It was visible for years afterwards. I've got the T-Shirt
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