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vs Wigan player ratings


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A point more than we deserved. We were absolutely appealing all game. The slowest, most laboures performance you're ever likely to see. Did nothing to try and break Wigan down except stand around with the ball on the edge of the box, passing it to no-one in particular.

Cech - 4/10 - Did well to stop them scoring when Ivanovic f**ked up, but some dodgy kicks and catches, followed up by buggering up for their goal. Not the player he once was.

Cole - 6/10 - Assist and wasn't too bad, though was beaten a few times too easily.

Terry - 6.5/10 - You can always tlel when we're playing badly since Terry becomes an attacking midfielder. Tried to push the team on as best he could, and did alright at the back.

Ivanovic - 4/10 - Very poor I thought, nearly gifted them a goal. He's much better at RB, but a total liability at CB.

Bosingwa - 6/10 - Not that bad considering. Actually ran at people once or twice.

Romeu - 6/10 - Should have been kept on, he was doing well.

Merieles - 2/10 - Nearly every pass was misplaced and I lost count of the number of half hearted "tackles" he made by casually poking a foot in the direction of the ball, and just letting the player run past him.

Lampard - 4/10 - Slow and ponderous as usual.

Mata - 5/10 - Glimpses of quality, but never really got into the game.

Sturridge - 7/10 - Only player who actually played well. But so many times he got the ball there was just no movement at all.

Drogba - 1/10 - I usually scoff when people give ratings of 1/10 to a player, because it's an exaggeration. But this was just totally woeful from Drogba. After such a good couple of games, he did nothing today. Won about 1 header in the whole match, passing was shocking. And near the end was just heading the ball away for Wigan.


Kalou - 5/10 - Didn't do much really.

Mikel - 5/10 - What was the point of that?

Malouda - 3/10 - Amazing he could score so slow despite being on the field for the shortest time, but he was just walking around without a care in the f**king world. No interest in the game.

AVB - 5/10 - Wrong team choice and wrong subs for me.

Must improve massively against Spurs or we're in for a defeat.

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Can't really argue with any of that.

Torres can't be in our plans, can he? Drogba looked tired and uninterested out there and yet continued to stay on the pitch. I know he could easily have shown up at the end with a battering ram run and got us something, but it just didn't look like he would today.

I think he is good for about 2-3 games in a row, then let him rest.

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Mikel - 5/10 - What was the point of that?

As soon as he came on you feared the worst. Not scapegoating him, as it was an appalling performance in the first-half, without him, but boy did the substitutions leave a lot to be desired. We started the second-half better, scored, and AVB went back to the original formation by substituting Mata for Mikel, putting Danny back out on the right, despite the fact he had just scored. Ridiculous.

At half-time you change the formation, you go more offensive, in the hope of a goal. Once the goal comes, you do not reward the attackers by bringing one off. That just acts as a deterrant next time you go more offensive, as they will know one is coming off as soon as they score. For the only time in the game we looked threatening and then he changes it, bringing on Mikel, and that was that. Sturridge came off and no way in heaven were we going to score, as we were conceding territory to them and the only chance we had was on the counter. Terrible substitution. He was our "out ball". They were terrified of him and his pace. It made no sense.

Terry emerges with credit as does Bossy, who gets a lot of stick on these boards, and rightly so at times. We were slow, laboured, sloppy. Not at the races and the manager has to take responsibility. It was an appalling display. Listless and witless. Cashley got the assist but he worries me, he is seriously on the wane. Mereiles was awful. Incredibly bad. We missed Ramires, our star performer this season. We are f**ked without him on that display. As for Mata ..

Learn to take corners for f**k sake.

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Please, Davey Baby, we take all kinds of sh*te from opposing fans on our forum, but then when one of "us" calls a Chelsea player something that they would, like CASHLEY, that is simply unacceptable.

You must apologise, and NOW!

You know what mate, it was a total accident. I don't know how it happened. Honestly.

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Cech- 4/10 Starting to get really concerned about his form or lack of this season, Knows he's playing regardless could that be the problem?

Bossy- 5/10 Another pointless performance, does nothing at either end of the pitch!

Ivan- 4/10 Showed why he's a great right back, always suspect at centre back and yesterday was no exception!

JT- 6/10 Made some good forward runs, did his best to hold the defence together!

Ashley- 4/10 This man needs to be 'rested' for a few weeks!

Romeu- 6/10 Thought he played well while he was on, strange choice to change him!

Lampard- 3/10 Yeah you really deserve to be starting week in week out! Worst outfield player!

Meireles- 5/10 Can't play with Lampard and it showed!

Studge- 8/10 Lively, took his goal fantastically, always looked a threat!

Mata- 7/10 Flitted around always looking to get on the ball and create, Wigan closed his space which affected his game!

Drogba- 4/10 apparently he was playing!

Kalou- 5/10 Not intelligent enough to play at this level!

Mikel- 4/10 We were winning when he came on and lost so that says it all, contributes ery little!

Malouda- 4/10 Only gets a 4 because no-one was as bad as Frank!

And Finally....................................


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I agree with the bulk of your ratings, but I strongly disagree with your assessment of Bossy. He made some really nice stops at the defensive end, to cover up for some unbelievably bad decisions by Ivan, and Bossy made some really nice crosses into the box at the offensive end, something no one else was doing. Yes, he bares some share of the blame for Wigan's goal, but the lion's-share goes to butterfingers Cech.

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