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Di Canio. The more I see of him ....


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....the more Mourinho like he is

I have been working in Swindon for about 6 months now and been going to a few Swindon Town evening games, Di Canio is doing such a great job…. They are top of the league, despite losing to arch rivals Oxford at the weekend I think they are nailed on for promotion. They are in the Johnson Paint final at Wembley, he cried after the semi against Barnet as he never been to Wembley as a player, and they had a fairly decent FA cup run.

His passion is infectious and it is worth going to watch them just to see not only the style of football they are playing (where he differs from Mourinho it is much more free flowing I think but that might have something to do with them being in Div2) but his reactions on the touch line before after the match, it is great entertainment. He is just mental from 1st minute to last !

Some of the highlights so far…

He has literally beaten two players up on the pitch and in the tunnel… he gets away with it because next minute he has his arm round them. He has been banned to the stand 3 times I think it is

He has come out with some classics.. I am paraphrasing here …

  • Thanking the FA for banning him to the stand because it was good for him to get away from the side of the pitch and see the team play
  • Thanking Arch rival Oxford for beating Swindon because they went on a 10 match winning run since.
  • After the match on Saturday he walked on to the pitch looked at the Swindon fans and pointed upwards, suggesting they were going up then turned to the Oxford fans and pointed downward.

I am sure I could go on, more than anything he writes the headlines so the players don’t get a sniff, remind you of anyone??

I am not suggesting him as Chelsea manager (not yet anyway :-) ) … not sure Roman would take him anyway because of his alleged political allegiances

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I must admit that when Di Canio was appointed I thought he'd be an egotistical, temperamental mess, but judging by Swindon's surge up the table and the little I've seen of them on the Football League Show, it looks like I will be forced to eat my words. It's hard to resent a young, successful manager and wish him anything but the best, despite any questionable [or alleged] (be it political or as part of the Caravan Club) affiliations he may have or have had.

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He is clearly not, his views have been taken massivley out of context by the media,..if anything he is the opposite in his nature, he has done some great things with the local communitee here in Swindon with all ethnic groups for example. But mud sticks I am afraid and I can't see any major club taking him on as manager

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Missed the Redknap impression... this interview was brilliant.. could we do with that level of passion in a manager !

Yes, the passion... since AVB's departure I've wondered if Martin Allen might have pushed Drogs in a frozen river (hartlepool)... and would Drogs have laughed?

Di Canio a Fascist? the Lazio salute? No, a different culture (and far earlier democracy than ours) where ancient statues depict the very same gesture -- outstretched arm with exposed hand to signal the absence of weapon, the forerunner of a hand shake, and Italian fans abroad proudly belt out "Brothers of Italy" (Welsh rugby fans do their own version) and reinforce pride in their culture... can that be wrong?

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His autobiography is a cracking read...So funny

Thanks for the heads up on the biography. I was never a fan of his while he was playing, always thought he was a "big fish in a...." whoever he played for, but THAT push on the ref and Nigel Winterburn's transformation from Mr. Angry to Wimp in 2 seconds was fekin priceless.


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