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Nice to meet you all. I'm a long-term Chelsea fan, although it's been something of an on/off love-affair due to life commitments and overall disenchantment with the modern game. Still, I have strong ties with the Blues and they're always the first team I look out for. Haven't been able to get to as many games as I'd like to of late but hopefully I can fix that before the season's over. 


And I could be related to Ted Drake.


Anyway, hope I'll be welcome here!
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Thanks for the welcomes, guys and gals!


Welcome, Drakey...how is there a connection to Ted Drake?


I have been told by older members of my family that we're related. We hail from the same area, so anything's possible. Could be bunkum but I wouldn't want to disrespect my elders. Look out for me on 'Who Do You Think You Are?' sometime this year. :biggrin:  


But seriously, it is something I should look into.

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