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how popular is it?


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So I am rather new to watching football and was wondering how popular is it really? I mean I know it has been referred to as "the worlds game", but I am sitting here watching some Aussie football and a day or so ago Italian football was on and no one was in the stadium, what gives? It was even like this in the States when I went to a playoff match last season for the Fire.

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Italian football is in an awful state because of years of corruption and bribery, plus the economy going to sh*t and the quality of the play really going down, a few years ago you'd struggle to find an empty seat in those games.


If you watch German or English football you'll see where it's at.


Fellow aussie brah here.

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European Football is regarded as the best and most watched. 


In many ways, the Premier League (English Premier League) is the most entertaining. It's more like a soap opera at times. Every club has it's own story. The pantomime villians, the bad boys, the angels, the relegation battle, the fight for Top Four, and of course the ultimate prize in the Premier League. 


It is without a doubt the most watched and enjoyed sport in the world. I first really got into Football after the 1998 World Cup, and I've been hooked on Club football ever since. 


If you get involved, learn a clubs history, you start getting attached to the players. When your team scores a goal, it really is a unique feeling. Momentary elation. I guess it depends how much emotion you put into it and with the incredible highs, comes the lows but It's so worth it. 


Find a player you like. Find a clubs colours you like, or how they play Football. Watch their games and eventually you will grow to support them. I don't really know the state of Aussie football, but the Premier League is the best bet and it's broadcast all over the world. 

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I suppose the way it was worded made it sound a bit joking but it was not. I am a Chelsea fan and was just curious if anyone else knew why Football was not as popular across the world as it seems to be in England. Thanks Jonty and JoeyN for the answers.


Huh ? i think football in other countries is just as much loved as it is in England.

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