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French National Anthem


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I think it's a nice touch, but no-one in the crowd is going to know any of the lyrics. Half of them can't even recite God Save The Lizard Woman.


I wonder if the French played our national anthem after 7/7. I doubt it.


Still, solidarity and human togetherness and all that jazz.

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No, imo it shouldnt be played, a dignified mins silence & black armbands would suffice.


I think the way it was marked before the England v France game showed the world that we were united in grief for France, this just comes across as a PR stunt for the PL global brand.


With the height of world wide terrorism are we going to have every countries anthem played that may be the victims of any future attack?


I cant help thinking we're becoming a country or in smaller terms, in sport professional grievers, we seem to be either clapping for someone who has died, a mins silence for someone not involved in football or a mass memorial.


I really feel for the victims of the Paris attack, i myself have suffered family tragedy more than once so i can sort of empathize with the victims families, but this weekend's games should have paid a more dignified respect.

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I'm still puzzled as to why they are shutting Fulham road from 1.30pm til 6pm. As for the anthem.....a minutes silence is fine. As said above did any other nation sing ours after 7/7?? Doubtful!!!


It's usually shut about an hour and a half before kick off and after the match - don't know about during as if I'm in the area I'm in the ground!

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