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Pre-Match Predictions - PL - Week 27 - Spurs (Home)


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Forgot to do this last week.

Lots of points scored for game week 27. Around half of you went for 2-1 chelsea:

Gol15 6
Salato 6
Amputechture 5
Bonzodog29 5
chiefBlueCFC 5
Juan Nil 5
Scott Harris 5
The Swan 5
Andy North 1
erksblue 1
Jezz 1
axeman2526 0
PloKoon13 0
Spiller86 0
coombsie 0
Zeta 0
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Overall Leaderboard So Far

That means Amputechture jumps to the top, while Scott Harris closes the gap.

Amputechture 40
Zeta 39
Scott Harris 38
erksblue 34
Salato 32
axeman2526 28
BlueLilly 23
chiefBlueCFC 22
Bonzodog29 21
DP2 20
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