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New Chelsea Retro Line


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And the winner of the Glenn Campbell lookalike competition is.....David Webb

Rita Spaghetti along with Harris, Hollins and Houseman always struck me as pretty conservative, but he’s been given the full Randolph and Hopkins Deceased treatment there.

Far Out Man...

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With technology even old pictures can be edited and look as good as new my mate had a picture of five of us in Margate in we think 1990. It was the height of the rave-baggy scene we look pretty normally dressed but my mate has a coat on which is hideous not quite as bad as Keith Weller's jacket but nevertheless really bad it's like a wizard's cloak and wouldn't look out of place on one of the Harry Potter cast.

When his son saw it he rang me up in hysterics he could barely get the words.out. Of course the first thing he did was put it on Facebook etc. 

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