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Artists you'd love to..............


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............Punch the head off.

Dolly Parton , the sound of her voice, her title as Queen of Country , her vile looking figure and her awful songs . i'd travel any distance to punch the head off her .

Bono , ok great band but he's so far up his own arse .

Neil Diamond , purely for Sweet Caroline .

Cliff Richard . 4 Reasons , his terrible music , his mr nice guy image , his failure to shag Sue Barker when she was a babe and the c**t turns up ever christmas with a poxy hymn . Look at me , ive got religion .

Steve Staunton , ok he not exactly an artist as such , i just wanted to put him in .

Ronan Keating . Obvious reasons . Still trying to make a carreer in music while failing to realise nobody f****n likes him, his music , his image and his crawny vocal tones.

Samantah Mumba . She complained to a manager of a club in was working in over the music . A jumped up slapper who thinks she's Whitney Hueston .

Sinead o Connor ...Absolutely and completely off her head . Talks complete and utter sh*te ...............all the time.

Victoria Beckham...Overly irritating , talentless wife of an overated footballer . Completely self obsessed . Ws turned down by 4 record companies and still tried to make records.

Pete Docherty . So he takes drugs , wow thats real rock n roll isnt it . How about a few good tunes Pete to go with the wild man image . Too busy jumping bail to be bothered to write decent music .

James Blunt....The most depressing , boring and nausiating music ive ever heard . Piss off back to the army and leave the music industry in peace .

Elvis , ok i cant because he's thankfully dead .

Angry arent I , i'll be ok in the morning . icon_lol.gif

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I agree with the whole list.. accept Elvis... how could you.

I would add....

- Tom Jones, loved his early stuff, but mate do us all a favour and retire gracefully.

- Most of the cast of Friends

- Michael Parkinson (Can't understand what he says anymore, and he right firmly up every guest's ars*s)

- Them two blokes who are the judges on Master chief goes large ! ars*hol*s (in fact most TV chief's)

Okay this has gone more TV... I must stop I haven't got to the daytime stuff yet !

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Any number of these so called "London Rudeboy" groups we're dealing with these days, their just kids trying to live the dream of NWA, and it makes me laugh to watch them. They even invent their own lingo?

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Some good suggestions already, how about these to add?

Bjork, who told that screeching bitch she could sing ?

Jo Brand, an insult to the ears, eyes and the human race!

Keith Chegwin, really wish he would "Go Pop!"

Peter Andre & Jordan, more vacuum than a warehouse full of Hoovers.

Lenny Henry, never found him funny!

and finally, the single most irritating penis of all time has to be that oxymoron who is..............

...........Jeff Winter!!!!!!!

w**k2.gif's each and every one of 'em!

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Guest Brian M
- Tom Jones, loved his early stuff, but mate do us all a favour and retire gracefully.

Hey, go easy on Taffy Tom! He's got a lot going for him! Or, to put it in the words of the late, great, Kenny Everett:

"And here's the answer to last week's quizz: Tom Jones. Nine and a half." icon_lol.gif

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The King!!!!

Wash your mouth out Clubhappy!!


Actually I also have a fair bit of respect for Sinead O'Connor as well! Yes she has spoken a lot of sh*te on occasions but at the same time she has done a lot of things that I admire her for.

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Didn't she sell a big house in L.A., and give the money to the red cross or something along those lines.. You can't knock that!!

Don't know about that Mod however she did tear up a picture of Pope John Paul II on American TV as a protest against either sexual or child abuse in the Roman Catholic Church. Balls like water melons (metaphorically speaking!!!)

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Sorry Loz but im not with you on the Elvis buzz . Never liked 1 song of his , i f****n hated [and still do ] all that ''King'' crap .

King of what ? Stealing other peoples songs ? Jesus , they even tried to make him a movie star . He was a cabaret singer who had a decent stage act , ok he had a voice but ive heard better. Elvis came around at the right time , he was different ,unique at that time , wore leather , sang a new style of music , how could he go wrong .

As for our friend Sinead , extremely talented singer , but she's a huge attention seeker . . Her views on child abuse within the catholic church is an issue i completely agree with . also her anger at the church's stance on contraception , divorce and cellibacy .Im not a big fan of the Pope , but to do that live on TV was a classic case of , ''Look at me everybody '' . She also made sure her recent divorce from John Waters got media coverage V. Beckham would be proud of .

Agree on the Robbie Williams selection , utter toss pot .

Jonathan King , even when he was on TV . A vile man who made my skin crawl.

Any eurovision entrant , most of them end up where they belong , hosting kareokie .

Kurt Cobain .overated smack head who couldn't sing . His so called band were a pile of sh*te too.

Lilly Allen , i hope Cheryl knocks lumps out of her.

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To be fair to Elvis, who wasn't stealing other people's songs then! I hear what you're saying but it strikes me you aim your punches at the people around Elvis. Elvis was just a kid with an amazing voice but a very small brain!

Anybody gots a burger, I haven't eaten in fiiiivvvvveeeeeee minutes


As for Sinead I don't deny she has donea lot of things that people will find annoying however I never saw the Pope photo stunt as attention seeking - I have great admiration for someone who is prepared to tackle the catholic church head on and if that involves fairly cheap stunts on TV then so be it - after all this is one person speaking out about a global institution that preaches morals with shameful hypocrisy - it has millions of public access points across the world and it isn't ashamed to use them to peddle its views.



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Any eurovision entrant , most of them end up where they belong , hosting kareokie .

Oh, come on. I though Great Britain and Ireland was excellent this year bananapowerslide.gif

No, honestly, I agree with you. Many of the entrants are rubbish or almost rubbish anyway. Some are so bad you just wish you were deaf (and in some cases even blind).

This year Sweden ended up in 18th place. Better than I though icon_rolleyes.gif

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