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Terry ruck spelt the end?


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From the pen of our old mate, Chelsea-baiter Ian McGarry of the Sun...


Terry ruck spelt the end


September 20, 2007

JOSE MOURINHO?S future as Chelsea manager was doomed after a dramatic bust-up with his trusted skipper John Terry.

The Sun can reveal that Mourinho had become increasingly frustrated by Terry?s recent performances.

And he had even raised the issue with the club?s medical department to see if they had an explanation.

But when centre-back Terry heard what Mourinho had done he reacted furiously.

And the England star had heated exchanges with the Blues boss before and after Tuesday?s dire 1-1 Champions League draw at home to minnows Rosenborg.

A club source revealed: ?News of their row reached the club?s directors, who were concerned it was proof that Jose was losing the dressing room.?

Incredibly, Chelsea insisted they knew nothing about the shock development and claimed they had no plans to sack him - until suddenly confirming his exit in a statement at 1.45am today.

Yesterday's high drama started when billionaire owner Roman Abramovich cancelled a business trip to hold an emergency summit with Director of Football Avram Grant and trusted director Eugene Tenenbaum.

That was followed by a lengthy meeting between Chelsea?s three main powerbrokers ? Tenenbaum, chairman Bruce Buck and chief executive Peter Kenyon.

All three should have gone to last night?s official launch of Chelsea?s new DVD ? which, ironically, only Mourinho attended.

The catalyst was undoubtedly Abramovich, still furious after the dismal Euro draw with Rosenborg.

I understand he was demanding to know:

Why is Mourinho?s side playing drab football?

Why are they failing to score goals?

Why did only 24,000 fans bother to watch the match?

A Blues source confirmed: ?Roman is seriously p****d off. He?s beginning to think the club is becoming a laughing stock, which is the exact opposite of everything he wants to achieve.?

Rom?s frustration with Mourinho is at an all-time high because he believes that whenever he demands something of the boss and his players, he is let down.

Tellingly, on the eve of the Rosenborg match Kenyon revealed the Russian had a 10-year plan for Chelsea which included them being crowned champions of Europe TWICE.

He added: ?It?s about winning it in a style, in a manner befitting one of the best clubs in Europe.?

There was precious little style on show against Rosenborg.

Yesterday?s talks came two weeks after another meeting, called after the 2-0 defeat at Villa Park.

Mourinho was told performances must improve or he would be held responsible. Before Tuesday?s game he bemoaned the quality of players available to him ? comparing his squad to cut-price eggs.


So there we are. True?

I doubt it but then any excuse for McGarry to stick the boot in.

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absolutely silly considering their relationship. Even a pissed off JT would not react like a spoiled brat. I really think it was personal and that RA had a malicious voice in his ear too often about jose.. i wouldn't be surprised if that was grant's 'job' at the club in fact... "armchair" appraising of the performances to RA- which we all know, is quite a great deal easier than managing!!

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I wouldn't be all that surprised if JT and Jose had exchanged words. JT, in his role as club captain, is widely reported to be excellent at building team spirit through bending over backwards to welcome new players, taking time out to look after younger players and ensuring that players form different backgrounds and cultures are made to feel part of the wider Chelsea family.

Then he sees his manager, in a live interview, make comments which basically say 'my squad players are second rate', a statement which goes against everything JT has worked to achieve.

Would you be that surprised if he got annoyed?

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it's in the observer under the headline Turncoat Terry and will post it up here soon...stuff we have heard already about jose being concerned about jt's performances/injury and it spiralling from there...what's more bizarre is that they claim abramovich went into the dressing room after the rosenborg game and via sheva was instructing essien what he should be doing on the pitch...that he should be passing wide more rather than through the middle...this took place apparently while jose was dealing with the press

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If so then Terry's behaviour is a disgrace.

His form has been off.

He WAS to blame for the goal.

His manager has EVERY RIGHT to question his performance in those circumstances and make queries of the medical department.

Terry need to realise he is not beyond criticism or rebuke, sadly he knifed in the back the person who probably did more to elevate him to his current status than anyone.

Grant had better start brushing up on arse licking because it seems that's what you need to do to keep your job at Chelsea now with certain players and the boss.

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Terry's performance is not a disgrace. I am sure managers and players fall out all the time over things like this. 99.9% of the time nobody hears anything about it because it gets sorted out privately. The difference this time (IF it is true) is that it has happened just before Jose has left and so it gives the press a juicy bone to exaggerate.

The press are looking for people to blame purely because the fans are looking for people to blame.

So far the list is








and whilst people carry on lapping up the press tittle tattle the stories will continue.

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I tend to agree with Callista on this (well, there's a first time for everything icon_wink.gif ).

While I wouldn't say that he's been a disgrace, John Terry hasn't been performing well this season, something I put down to his always insisting on returning from injury too quickly. If it isn't affecting him now, it will do, these things tend to catch up with you. As his manager, Mourinho had every right to tackle JT about his recent performances. And considering the amount of injuries JT's picked up in the last year, surely checking with the medical staff about his fitness would be the logical thing to do?

Are we now in a position where John Terry cannot be criticised at all, not even by his manager?

If Abramovich is going to take the players' side in any disputes with a manager, then what kind of manager is going to accept that and come to Chelsea? Add to that the rumours of meddling in team selection and tactics, and we're in for a very rocky ride. I suspect that Avram Grant is prepared to put up with all this crap, and be Roman's puppet - if so, I'll have even less respect for him than I already do.

Bear in mind though, that all this is on the assumption that these reports are true - not something I'd like to put money on!

However, what is true is that the whole club has become a total shambles and a laughing stock - the press conference the other day confirmed that. With Grant in charge, I can foresee Chelsea finishing between 6th. and 12th. this season, and not reaching the next stages of the CL. I truly hope I'm wrong, and Grant proves to be the next Cloughie, but somehow I just can't see it.

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With Grant in charge, I can foresee Chelsea finishing between 6th. and 12th. this season, and not reaching the next stages of the CL. I truly hope I'm wrong, and Grant proves to be the next Cloughie, but somehow I just can't see it.

What is wrong with the Intertoto Cup, Bluebeard? 139.gif

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