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tonights game


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I know what you mean.......but this wouldn't be a Utd 'love-in' it'd be a nation paying their respect to their internationals.......then again it only takes 1 scouser as they say...

Anyway, I'm off to my 3rd trip in all to the new Wembley tonight (blagged some tickets thru work) and my 1st trip of 2 this month.

The programme sellers will know me on first name terms at this rate icon_lol.gif

Hopefully there's another FA cup visit later in the year..... 128.gif

Wembley here I come...............

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HT at Wembley and Capello turns to Stuart Pearce and says

1. In future I want my team sheets to be pre populated with Joe Cole's name

2. Why did you not tell me Wes Brown was a hopeless right back

3. Do all the English think Ashley Cole is better than Wayne Bridge?

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Lawrenson. England's first goal "world class pass from Steven Gerrard .. and Joe Cole does what he's good at".

Second goal. "Excellent pass from Steven Gerrard... I think the passes for both England goals have been excellent".

I see. So It was Steven Gerrard's pass from which Jermaine Jenus scored the first goal was it. And Joe Cole was just there doing what he was good at. Apparently it hurt you to say even that much. Lawrenson you prize Northern c**t.

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I heard that Sinclair scored for England U21 too. woohoo.gif

Yeah, scored from the penalty spot and Sinclair's freekick lead to England's second, so he had a decent night. That was just a friendly match, though.

Still. A goal is a goal, even if it's a friendly icon_wink.gif

Against Huddersfield I wanna see us play Sahar - Pizzaro - Sinclair happy0034.gif

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Someone please tell me how the f**k saint Steven got MOTM for his pass on the first goal he was completely unmarked and wasn't being closed down then JOe did all the hard work, and the second goal was a simple ball across to SWP apart from that he constantly gave the ball away and ran around like a headless chicken.

Someone please tell me what I'm missing actions1.gif

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For an explanation of St Stevie Gits MOTM award, read my comments on that Northern c**t Lawrenson, listen to all the other idiot Northern c**ts who continually bow and scrape and worship at the stinking feet of that obnoxious Scouse git.

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